Drag & Drop

Total control over email design. This drag and drop editor requires no HTML knowledge to create stunning campaigns. Choose from the free range of basic and themed responsive designs as a starting point or upload your own emails. Every new NewZapp account also comes with a free branded design of your own.

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Drag and Drop Email Marketing
Subscriber Database Management

Subscriber Management

Managing your contacts is one of the most important aspects of your email marketing. NewZapp’s tools make it easy to import your lists and manage group memberships with private and public options. Save basic and custom information about each one of your subscribers for personalisation and targeted marketing, with peace of mind that GDPR tools are storing consent.

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Segmenting your contacts helps you get better open and click rates. By narrowing your focus and sending campaigns to targeted recipients, your subscribers will find your campaigns more relevant, and relevant campaigns get better results.

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Email Marketing Segmentation
Email Marketing Reporting


Be prepared to lose the afternoon watching your campaign in action with LIVE hotspots and data. NewZapp makes it easy to track every aspect of your emails - from who opened, clicked, and shared a campaign to what device were they viewing with and in which email application. Google Analytics tracking is also an option.

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From welcome emails to targeted re-engagement campaigns, birthday emails to an event build-up series - create Automations that engage your contacts through their entire journey with you.

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Email Marketing Automation
Email Deliverability


Most companies don't think about deliverability until they have a problem and yet it's one of the most important factors in email marketing. If your emails don't reach your subscribers then all the time and effort spent on content, design and strategy could be wasted.

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NewZapp is incredibly easy to use and delivering email marketing is what we do best. From email design to your first campaign, our commitment and goal is focused on helping you become a better email marketer.

Increase your knowledge and learn new marketing skills with our extensive searchable Knowledge Base, and with offices in the UK you can contact the team by phone or email.

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Account Management

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