Warner Goodman

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Warner Goodman LLP

Why NewZapp?

We were looking for a UK based company who were able to guide us through the creation of our newsletters and to have a branded template created for our sends – NewZapp were able to help us with this.

Best Thing About NewZapp?

The support and advice we receive - I have only to pick up the phone or email and I know the team will be working on the query and have it resolved or answered, normally the same day (depending on the question).

The team are a great sounding board also for any ideas we have, but at the end of the day will take into consideration our own company goals and objectives with the newsletters instead of simply pushing anything and everything.

Best Thing About NewZapp
The Results

The Results

We have been using NewZapp for a number of years and are extremely happy not only with the flexibility of the templates, but also the level of support we receive. I would definitely recommend them.

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