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Bright Solicitors

Why NewZapp?

We researched other companies providing the same services and NewZapp came out on top not because they were necessarily the cheapest but because we believed they would offer us the best initial training & guidance in how to use the software as well as the best ongoing support.

Best Thing About NewZapp?

NewZapp is very user friendly and can easily be used by ‘non techie’ members of staff. It has standard email templates that can be used as well as providing bespoke designed ones to suit the business sector their customers are in.

The reporting functions once again are very easy to use and provide instant results with data that can be exported to other CRM systems for further marketing activity.

Best Thing About NewZapp
The Results

The Results

For us as a commercial law firm, it would be nearly impossible to engage so easily with our current or past customers without NewZapp.

On a positive note it encourages us to promote our expertise as well as inform our customers of the other services we provide.

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