A Christmas Campaign check list

Posted on November 13, 2013 at 2:51 pm Written by
If you, like thousands of other businesses, have been making a decision on the best way to send festive greetings this year, then we’ve drawn up 5 tips to help you make the best impression with your subscribers this season.

1. Plan your diary

Bearing in mind the nature of your business, what’s the best angle for you to take with a seasonal email campaign?

  • Personal shopper – If you offer a product or service, give your contacts some suggestions. Eg. The most popular items in your range or those suited to the season, and grouped in particular categories or in price brackets.
  • Here to help – If December is a quiet time for your business, try an offer to encourage end of year spending or stocking up for the New Year.
  • Last orders – information about cut off dates for Christmas and New Year deliveries and/or your opening hours if applicable.
  • Thank you – an email that’s purely sent with a thank you message for past custom, membership or loyalty
  • Look what we did – Summarise the achievements of your organisation over the last 12 months.
  • Look what we’re going to do – Looking forward to the New Year with news on plans and ambitions, particularly if they will benefit your subscribers.

2. Get the right outfit

Christmas has the tendency to give us all a bit of Dutch courage when it comes to choosing an outfit that we’d (quite rightly!) not be seen dead in at any time of year. So keep that in mind and be careful not to do anything rash with your festive email designs.

  • Don’t ruin a year’s good marketing by sending out a corny or risqué, cartoon or piece of stock imagery.
  • Don’t Google ‘Christmas card’ and use an image that you don’t have the rights to use! Even if an image is labelled as royalty free, check the Ts and Cs as you might find this doesn’t include for commercial use.
  • Do concentrate on the staples like a good subject line and headline.
  • Do add some Christmas effects to your usual branded template design
  • Do take advantage of our designers having done all the hard work for you, and use one of our free seasonal eCard templates

3. Pace yourself

The length of everyone’s ‘To Do’ list is going to vary enormously, as are the dates when your subscribers take their own Christmas holiday. So while we’re not suggesting you send the same email twice a week, don’t worry about how many times you send an email to your contacts during December. Just like any other time of year, you shouldn’t see any fall in subscriber numbers if you send useful, friendly and informative content every time.

4. Don’t forget Aunty Whats-her-name

We’re big fans of adding a personal touch to any email. It doesn’t have to be as embarrassing as a “Dear John…” letter, just relaxed and professional mentions in your subject line and/or content. Why not try personalisation from the other side of the fence, by including a sign off from everyone in your team, either as a typed list or an image of their hand written names – or if you have time, put faces to names with some team mug shots!

5. New Year – new diet!

Once the frenzy of Christmas is over, it’s time to take stock and evaluate your past year’s email marketing and cut out what’s been slowing you down, or do more of what’s been giving you the best results. Using hindsight (or better still, using NewZapp LIVE!) drill down to just what it was that worked best for you, in terms of engagement, clicks, sharing, direct revenue etc. If you’re not entirely happy with how you’re shaping up, then it’s time to challenge yourself to trying different approaches and ideas.

Whether it’s in a series, or a one-off campaign, a festive greeting will make your subscribers feel valued, bring a little light relief, and round off your year of email marketing nicely.

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