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Ever the torch bearer for the fantastic tools available in our Image Editor, I’m pleased to say that they just got a whole lot better!

We have 3 new tools, 38 new tool options and a larger canvas to work on.

You probably know by now that I like a nice screen shot, so if you’re ready let the tour begin!

Enhance   NEW OPTIONS!

Four new options here, Hi-Def is still available but you can also now use buttons specially made to enhance Scenery, Food, Portrait and Night photography.


Effects   NEW OPTIONS!

Still offering a whopping 24 different filters, you can now reduce the intensity of each one from it’s 100% default.

Effects with an intensity option



Six brand new frames available in the new ‘Bohemia’ set.

Apply a Frame to your image


Overlays   NEW!

Looking for a quick way to make a circular or diamond shaped image? New Overlays make this super easy. There are conventional shapes in Black or White or a more contemporary Boom selection for an abstract effect.

Overlays can be simple or abstract


Stickers   NEW OPTIONS!

If Stickers weren’t already just the best goddam fun you’ve had whilst pretending to be working, you can now be a bit more grown up about them. We’ve a brand new Original collection of twenty four monochrome stickers in addition to your favourite disguises.

Add as many Stickers to your image as you want to


Orientation, Crop and Resize

These windows still offer all the bread & butter tools such as  freehand rotation, mirroring, cropping and resizing (although all the NewZapp templates take care of oversized images with one drop!)

Lighting   NEW OPTIONS!

Here’s where you’ll find the previous Brightness and Contrast tools, now in one place along with new Highlights and Shadows options.


Another section where there’s a new family of tools. Saturation and Warmth now appear here along with new Tint and Fade options.

Sharpness & Focus

Both options that still give some nice out of focus effects. Nice for an image that’s going to have text on top, or to use a spotlight effect to pin point one part of an image.

Add Focus with a choice of shape and focus point


Vignette   NEW!

A bit like focus… but different. A vignette effect is used to give an image a circular fade around the edges with a soft fade-out border. Choose White or Black or tones in-between and adapt its shape.

A 100% Black vignette applied


Blemish, Whiten & Redeye

Tools to apply a little bit of cosmetic surgery to your images are still here. Soften blemishes, add brightness to a specific area and make the eyes of your colleagues at that awards evening, a whole load less scary.


Still a tool only for the steady handed amongst you! Choose from a colour palette and brush size with which to draw on your image. Useful to add a splash of colour for text to be added on top.

Draw lets you add colour in freehand



My favourite. Instantly turns your image into black and white ready for you to pick where you want to bring a splash of original colour back. As modelled by moi in my Litmus t-shirt!

Splash some original colour back into an image converted to Black & White for you



Such a useful option, with 58 fonts still to choose from, I blogged about it just the other day.

Meme   NEW!

Here it is. Every ones favourite attempt at going viral. Enter the text you want in the top and/or bottom text input boxes…. and see if anyone else laughs…. and makes you an overnight internet sensation!


How to... Image Editor

And there you have a full rundown of all the tools that makes NewZapp my favourite image editor.

Our complete ‘How To… Images Editor’ guide is available in the Knowledge Base.


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