Legislation: Double Opt-In – More than just about the GDPR

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The General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

In this second blog on the GDPR, we’re going to talk about how Double Opt-In isn’t just a way to gain the “Holy Grail” of consent. NewZapp gives you a variety of tools to tick all the compliance boxes and keep your subscriber lists clean and relevant.

Ensure subscriber consent using NewZapp's tools

How does NewZapp fit in the GDPR?

NewZapp Email Marketing is a Data Processor. We hold a copy of and process your Data Subjects. In a nutshell, we send your email marketing campaigns to your subscribers, got to love legal jargon!

You are the Data Controller. You always have been, you just have a new fancy title now! We provide all the tools to help you gain consent for your subscribers (Data Subjects) if you don’t already have it.

For more information on what the responsibilities of the Data Controller are please visit the ICO website.

To Process a Data Subject (to send a subscriber an email) under the GDPR requires consent. Although to be honest, email marketing always has done!

A lot of column inches have been written about consent, but did you know consent is actually one of SIX perfectly legal ways you are allowed to process a data subject?

For example, you may be able to carry on emailing subscribers under the terms of ‘legitimate interest’ if you can meet every aspect of it. This is something for you to have a good read into (page 39 on the Draft GDPR Consent Guidance from the ICO).

Anyway, I digress. What tools does NewZapp offer to help with the GDPR?

Brand new subscribers

The best tool for consent is Double Opt-In.

Inside NewZapp, this can be found under the settings cog in your account. More information about the Double Opt-in and turning it on in NewZapp can be found under our GDPR Knowledge Base section.

You can find Double Opt-in on the Settings screen

Turning on Double Opt-In now doesn’t have to be scary or put a barrier in place for your subscribers, best practice for building an engaged and consensual database is to turn on Double Opt-In.

We have discussed in previous blogs about keeping your subscribers alive and keeping a clean house, the Double Opt-In and GDPR are a perfect catalyst to have a good spring clean!

What about existing subscribers?

You may not have to ask for consent again if you can either trace valid consent or utilise one of the other legal basis for processing data mentioned above.

Want to gain consent? We have a great re-confirmation tool for you to start using today.

You may think about including our new [confirm] tag in your emails to continue to offer fairness and transparency for the continued choice to Opt-In. Something like:

“We’re updating our records to ensure we keep sending you all of our latest news and offers. Please click [confirm] before May 2018 to ensure you keep getting our emails!”

Add a 'Confirm' tag to your email in the NewZapp Editor

The [confirm] tag turns into a confirm link when sent.  Any subscriber who clicks it is re-confirmed and you’ll have a record of that consent.

With great power comes great responsibility. Bear in mind if you go down the re-confirmation route, even if it’s just once, you are committed to honouring it. Otherwise, after May 2018 you will ONLY be able to email subscribers who have clicked confirm.

Consent storing

Another new tool in NewZapp is the ability to store consent from your subscriber, this is now where you can view every subscription based action taken by your subscriber. -Such as Double Opt-In or Soft Opt-In, their device, IP address, the Email Address as well as a time and date stamp to say when these actions were taken.

You can read more about the subscriber card in our’ Storing consent for the General Data Protection Regulation‘ article.

GDPR Subscriber consent details are in your NewZapp Subscriber Cards

You can also search for consent given in your database by using the new confirmed filter within your NewZapp account and the subscribers email address.

Use the 'Confirmed' filter to find opted-in Subscribers

Final thoughts

This whole legislation should be seen as an opportunity to:

  • have a good clean up of your database
  • implement the GDPR and consent into your Marketing Strategy

The GDPR is all about giving EU citizens more rights and more access to any information held anywhere in the world. It’s not about punishing you for promoting your business


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