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Welcome emails often get the highest rates of engagement over other emails. They offer the perfect chance to engage with new subscribers while you are still fresh in their mind and give them a little nudge to take action.


“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression”
Will Rogers


You may want to add your new subscriber straight into your email list and wait until your next email is sent out but doing this could be a mistake and you could be missing out on opportunities.

As soon as a new subscriber signs up to your mailing list, you should send them a welcome email thanking them for opting-in to your list. Welcome emails often have a fantastic open and click through rate compared to standard newsletters.

One reason why welcome emails have great open and click through rates are because when a person signs up for your list, your business is fresh in their mind. When you send them a welcome email right away, you have the chance to engage them with your fantastic content and any offers you may have.

There are a number of ways to engage your subscribers from the start, in this post we will give you a few ideas that you can use to create a highly effective welcome email.



Send a welcome note

What is better than receiving a warm friendly welcome? Thank them for signing up to your newsletter, welcome them into your subscriber list or express your gratitude for them joining your email community.

A simple “Welcome to our emailing list” or “Thank you for signing up to receive our emails.” Work well. There is no one way to welcoming a new subscriber into your list just make sure it is conversational and fits your company’s brand.




You can offer your subscribers an initial discount or a gift, this will start your relationship on a good note. Companies often have welcome emails which say thank you for signing up, here’s 20% off your next order. This is a good icebreaker and might even persuade the new subscriber to buy your product.


Emphasise the benefits of subscribing to your email list

You can always emphasise the reasons that the subscriber has decided to sign up for your emails. A great way of doing this is explaining why they have made the right decision. Are they going to receive fantastic offers, VIP access to your website, weekly newsletters, exclusive content, competitions or first priority to view and buy new products? The benefits of joining your list, they are worth shouting about.


Be mobile friendly

As we rely on mobile phones more and more an effective welcome email has to look good and work well on mobile devices. Creating a mobile friendly welcome email is important, making it easy for subscribers read your emails and take action if needed will also help you make a good impression. Would you want to read emails that you know will constantly be hard to read and navigate when using your mobile?


Have a clear call to action

All welcome emails should have a clear call to action. Have a clear message of what you would like your subscriber to do. Want them to go to your shop? Include a nice clear button which will inspire them to Shop Now!


Social media

Links to your social media sites should also be included in your welcome email. New subscribers are interested in your business. If they weren’t they wouldn’t have signed up to receive emails from you. Let them find out more about yourself and what you do by including all the social media sites that you appear on. They will also be able to easily find customer feedback about you. It is useful to give your subscribers as many options as possible to contact your company.


Final thoughts

The welcome email is an important process in your email marketing plans but is often overlooked. When a subscriber signs up to your list they should be welcomed to your list an engaging and inviting email. This will kick off a good start to the relationship together.

Keep in mind the quote at the start, when making your welcome email. If you impress your audience at the start of their journey with you, they will be more likely to remember you and engage with future emails. There would be nothing worse than losing a subscriber before they have even received their first campaign email.

If you haven’t currently set up a welcome email, what are you waiting for?

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