Uploading your own HTML emails into NewZapp

Posted on March 31, 2015 at 1:13 pm Written by

Download our pdf guide to uploading your own HTMLIf you regularly design and code your own emails, or maybe even dabble a bit as and when required, then you know that uploading your own HTML into an email marketing system is essential and can save you valuable time. Once you’ve made a new email then getting your files ready for a particular ESP can be where things get a bit tedious – feeling your life passing you by as you read through the requirements to get your email to work in their system. We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve not always provided the most straightforward instructions ourselves in the past.

So when we upgraded the NewZapp editor we decided to make life a whole lot easier!

Here are our top three reasons to love the new editor when uploading your own html emails:

  1. You can now upload your html file, and its images, all in one drop!
    No need to upload your images into your images library first. And as a consequence…
  2. Paths on your images can now be relative, no need to use a specific path on each one any more
    … unless you want to because you’re self-hosting them.
  3. No need to create a text version if you don’t want to.
    If one of your own isn’t detected, then the system will automatically create one for you.

In essence you can now drag and drop directly from your desktop, into your account. No need to zip your files either! Once your email’s uploaded it’s immediately ready to send.

A couple of other little gems to tell you about:

  • You can still rely on NewZapp to add a simple unsubscribe option to the bottom of your emails, or if you like to be a little more stylish about it and position it elsewhere, then as long as you include the default unsubscribe URL, we’ll now suppress another one from being added by the system.
  • You’ve always been able to re-use your own upload by means the Save As feature but the new facility now adds the email to your library of templates for quick and easy selection in the future. Find your own emails under the ‘My Uploads’ tab on the ‘Pick A Template’ screen.
  • We’ve updated our Designer’s Guide to Building Templates so that you can benefit from the advantages of making templates which have drag and drop capability.
  • With this information you can add dropzones to your HTML which will enable your email to accept layout, text, image and custom blocks in the editor.
  • You can also include pre-populated text in your email which can then be changed in the editor (another first for NewZapp users!)
  • And we even have 4 new example templates for you to download and have a play with, or even tailor to your own needs as real campaigns.

We actually think that once you see how flexible the new drag and drop editor is to use, and the number of starting point templates we have available for free – that you may even be tempted to put down Dreamweaver and use the interface to make your HTML for you… and then have the afternoon off on us.

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