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The importance of tracking and measuring your email marketing campaigns cannot be overstated. It eliminates the guesswork and enables you to calculate your campaign ROI (return on investment), so you know just how effective it was and whether you should spend your marketing budget in this way in the future.

Bearing this in mind we thought it was time we explained our LIVE! Reports section in detail to make sure you are getting the most out of your email marketing. Please note all NewZapp accounts come with LIVE! Reporting, however, the degree of features available within each of the tabs does vary depending on the type of account you have. If your account is missing something mentioned below you can have the feature switched on for a one off cost.

LIVE! Hotspot
Once your campaign has been sent, you can view all of the actions taking place in real time. All you need to do is load the report and leave it open on the main “Hotspot” tab.

You will see in the top left hand corner, a ‘Right Now’ panel. This information will refresh whenever there are any campaign actions, e.g. when an email is opened or a link is clicked.

Below this we show the 5 most recent actions (clicks or opens) as they happen; with details of the subscriber as well as the date and time of each action made.

This is followed by another real time indicator of campaign actions in the last 45mins in bar chart format and a complete list of URLs included in your campaign.

Using our Hotspot email view on the right you can easily see which links were more popular than others. You will be able to see at a glance:

  • Which links on your email  have been clicked
  • Where the ‘hottest’ hotspots (red circles) are on your email
  • Number of clicks received on any link
  • Which subscribers clicked them


LIVE! Data
The data tab gives you access to all the raw statistics of your email marketing campaigns and an invaluable insight into your subscriber’s preferences.

The top part of this screen summaries the key data – total number of emails sent in your campaign, and the number (and percentage) of emails opened, clicked, bounced and failed.

Underneath this summary is a data table containing an A-Z of every subscriber you sent to, with details on number of opens, first open, clicks & time of first click made by each subscriber.

You will also find other tools to make the most of your data, such as:

  • Clickable headings on your data table to sort results
  • Filter tools to narrow your results or search
  • A ‘Group’ tool to add or remove selected subscribers from new or existing Groups
  • Exporting of data


Sent: The total number of emails in the campaign that were successfully sent out of all the addresses in the campaign. This updates live as the campaign progresses.
Opened: The total number of HTML emails in the campaign that were opened with images switched on from all those successfully sent. This is updated live as the campaign progresses. Note that Text version emails do not count towards this total unless a link is clicked.
Clicked: The total number of emails in the campaign that were clicked in from all those successfully sent and opened. This is updated live as the campaign progresses.
Failed: The total number of emails in the campaign that NewZapp could not send to. This is updated live as the campaign progresses, and is usually caused by incorrectly formatted email address such as no @ symbol.
Bounced: The total number of email addresses in the campaign that were successfully sent but could not be delivered to. An email may bounce for a number of reasons, such as an address no longer in use, or does not exists (misspelt). Bounces are classed in two categories: hard bounces (highlighted in red) and soft bounces (highlighted in orange). Bounces are processed and logged within an account within approx. 48 hours of the campaign being sent. Within approx. 12 hours of bounces being logged in an account, the system will check and remove (unsubscribe) hard bounces, and where necessary, soft bounces that have exceeded the account’s bounce threshold setting.


LIVE! Graph
By using the Graph tab in NewZapp LIVE! you can view the amount of opens by time and date up until the present time. This will allow you to look for any spikes in opens or clicks and see when majority of these occur over the last hour, day or week. You can also use the slider to manually narrow down the time frame to your own requirements and run a comparison between the selected and other campaigns.


LIVE! Client
The NewZapp LIVE! Client tab tracks two vital aspects of your email campaigns:

1. Device summary – Breaks down in number and percentage terms, which devices are being used to open your emails e.g. Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.
2. Client Summary – Shows you which email readers your subscribers are using on those devices, to open your emails e.g. Mail for iPhone, Outlook 2010, Google Mail, and others.



LIVE! Social
The Social tab shows the activity of your email campaign on the social networking sites Twitter and Facebook. Data here includes how many shares, opens and clicks your campaign received.

As well as summarising the activity on Twitter and Facebook at the top of the screen, we show you more in-depth data in the overview panel e.g. which subscribers shared your campaign, the date and time of the share, and how many opens of your email campaign were achieved as a direct result.


LIVE! Analytics
If you use Google Analytics, then this LIVE! feature is a must have! Integration is as simple as adding your Google Analytics campaign name to the Properties panel of your NewZapp email campaign, before you send out to your subscribers.

The Analytics tab will then report back to you with an in-depth look at website traffic which occurred as a direct result of your email. No need to wade through the complexities of Google Analytics reporting, NewZapp extracts the information related to your campaign in clear and concise style, with a summary of:

  •  Number of website visits
  • How many people viewed more than 1 page
  • Goal starts
  • And goal completions


LIVE! Print
The Print feature provides a quick and simple means to create a customised report of your email campaign – no more cutting and pasting of stats and screen grabs! Start by adding your own cover image / logo and then all you need to do is select the items you wish to include in your report.


You can also download this helpful guide for future reference here.

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