There’s no greater power than the power of Segments

Posted on August 11, 2016 at 10:56 am Written by

I’m slightly misquoting Madonna, but I don’t think she’ll mind as long as I don’t sing it.

We’ve got a guide on how to make Segments, we’ve already blogged about the difference between Segments and Groups, so what more can I possibly offer you?

How about “Why?”. Why change an ingrained behaviour of Grouping for the Group of it? Why face the uncertainty? Because power. Because automation. Because better.


Segments give you a certain “fire and forget” mentality. You can rest assured the campaign will drop into the relevant inboxes without having to know exactly who those people are.

You do, however, know exactly what sort of people they’ll be. After all, you set the criteria. They’re the right sort of people for your campaign because they meet those criteria, not because you think they might.


Automation doesn’t just mean shopping online and discovering an app-based takeaway in every town (every town except my town, but that’s another moan). Segments are the tip of a very exciting automation iceberg. The sort of iceberg you wouldn’t want to crash your boat into.

As mentioned above, the power of set criteria over educated guesses really comes into its own when you’re scheduling your sends. People who might be right for something now won’t necessarily be right when the campaign goes out. A segmented send will always be right at the point of send.


All that time you spend keeping your account tidy, active and relevant? Using Segments for sends and Groups for organisation can halve your housekeeping, leaving you more time to be active and relevant, improving your ROI.

As good as a rest? No, but better for business

Segmentation is here and I’m really glad it is. The power to send to people based on their behaviour is huge. You’ve clicked on my last campaign? You must have some level of interest, maybe you’ll appreciate something a little more targeted… Oh you’ve shared my campaign on Facebook?! Hey, you’re my new best friend. Have a voucher. Go crazy. People always appreciate being appreciated. Now we can fully appreciate that.

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