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Starting an email list from scratch can be a daunting challenge, here are a few tips which will help you build a solid and clean email list.


Sign up forms

Start by making it easy for people to sign up for your newsletter. Build a signup form that matches your website and place it on most of your webpages, this will encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. It will also make it a lot easier to subscribe after finding something that they have enjoyed looking at on your website. Creating signup form pop ups for your website can also help encourage people to subscribe. Some websites make subscribing mandatory before being able to access the content of the website. You can find instructions on how to add a signup page to your website which will link to your NewZapp account here.

Free resources

You can also create a free online tool or resource that will only be accessible by signing up to your email list. Ensuring that they receive the link or content by email will see your email list grow. It will also create a lot of engaging subscribers that have shown an active interest in what you are producing.



Collect email addresses offline, places like your shop, trade shows or any other event where you can physically receive email addresses or business cards and then import them into your database. Sending them a welcome email will also give them a quick reminder about your company and that they have signed up to receive your emails.

Social Media

Using social networking sites can also help you build your email list and gain more coverage. Creating a page for your business and including a signup form on the main page will give visitors the option to receive your newsletters. Adding links for people to share your campaign on their own page and getting them to like your campaign will help with increasing coverage and bringing more people to your page. Instructions on how to add a signup form to your Facebook page can be found here.



A great way of collecting a high number of addresses in a short period of time is by having a competition or giveaway. Getting participants to subscribe to your list, they will be entered into winning something or receiving a gift will always entice people to sign up. Spread the competition across social media to get the biggest reach possible.



Paid Advertising

Paid advert campaigns will also help build your email list. By using campaigns on Google, Facebook and Twitter, you also have the option to target specific categories like location, gender, age, interests and more. You will need to prepare your adverts for each platform and build landing pages for these campaigns.

Exclusive Content

Promote the content that subscribers will receive when subscribing to your newsletters. Will they be receiving exclusive discounts and content, special access to VIP sales and other events which will only be accessible by receiving your email. Think of interesting and creative ways to draw people in to subscribe to your content.



There is no one way to build a great email list, it needs to be approached from as many different angles as possible. Building an email list is a difficult task and do not expect to have a list with thousands of email addresses overnight unless you buy data which we do not recommend. If you use these tips, over time you will have created a large and successful list full of engaging subscribers which will mean a high number of opens and an impressive click through rate.

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