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It’s all about simple email marketing. Being in the sales pit and on front-line support, I often hear people talking about email marketing as though it’s a chore – it really needn’t be!

Lack of time, content and in some cases, overthinking it, can make it feel like this.

I’m here to tell you that email marketing really is simple and can be broken in to 3 manageable steps.

Whether you’re a newbie to email marketing or a seasoned veteran, this blog will help make your campaigns a doddle to create!

Simple email marketing 1 – 2 – 3

Step One – Your Subject Line is Your Headline

Studies have found that subject lines with 10 words or less have a much better open rate – this is partly down to how it displays on a phone, the other being down to lack of concentration… if your subject line is too long, people will switch off and that’s it… failed at the first stage!

Simple Email Marketing
Simple email marketing is all about engaging your readers from the very start – this can be done by asking them a question or by personalising it; your email is 26% more likely to be opened when their name is in the subject line.

Our very own Marketing Team have written a blog on this very point here.

Step Two – Your Message

Your subject line has done most of the hard work, they’ve opened your email, so what’s next?

For those who have something to sell, customers love to read that a product will save them time and more importantly money – try and convey this in as little words as possible; make your sales pitch no bigger than 4 sentences long.

Perhaps you’re using segmented data and your recipient has expressed interest in your product in a previous campaign – maybe a special offer will get them buying? Everyone loves an offer!

Internal Communications

You’re getting an important message across to your colleagues – keep it on point, link to a landing page for the rest of the article or perhaps a page on your site. Your emails should not be any bigger than A4 sized paper; any more content and your recipient will switch off.

Step Three –  Your Call to Action

Your message is done, what would you like your reader to do now? Do you want to them to get in touch with you or perhaps go to your online shop? Remember, keep it simple.

simple email marketing
Research has shown that having simple email marketing with just one button as your call to action results in more click-throughs. Have a look at our Portfolio to see what others are sending.

Also, having a familiar or personal point of contact works wonders, i.e. “Get in touch with Joe to get set up”, “If there’s any questions, please email”.

There you have it, 3 simple steps to making your campaigns a success! If you’ve any questions just give me a call on 01392 447 200.

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