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Seasonal emails

Seasonal emails are emails sent on certain dates with a specific theme. These can be Christmas emails, seasonal themed emails, emails about national doughnut day. It can be anything sent on a specific date/time.

Seasonal emails is another feather in the email marketing bow. It provides a different way to engage with your subscribers and allows you to design more eye-catching emails.

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Plan the emails

The benefit of these emails is that you can set them up before the actual date. The dates are around the same every year. Decide your themes months in advance when you have time. It will give you more time to focus on other tasks at a busy time.

It is possible to send a series of emails, instead of a one off. You need to think of the customer journey when creating a series of seasonal emails. Make sure that emails are being sent in the correct sequence and beneficial to your subscribers. For a Christmas series, set up an email advent calendar which leads to a final Christmas day message.

Don’t leave seasonal emails to the last minute. It is easy to tell when emails are quickly put together and does not give a good impression.

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What to include

The content of the email needs to be relevant to the theme and your company. Images and text need to make sense to the theme of your emails. Keep to one theme per email.

The theme needs to be the centre of your emails, make sure it flows and ties in with everything about the email. Doing this will ensure that the emails doesn’t seem forced and added on to your usual emails. The theme needs be the main component of your email and the content needs to fit around it. Remember to make the offers, information and benefits all match the theme.

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Be careful with the themes. Try not to be insensitive or make profit from bad situations.

Get creative. Include some moving images because they make your emails eye catching. Seasonal emails gives you a little freedom and be more creative.

Here is a handy calendar with some popular ideas.

Get creating!

Seasonal email campaigns are a great way to impress subscribers with something different.

Keep your emails relevant to your brand and the theme that you are choosing. Remember to keep testing as well, if a campaign works well build on it. If not, change some elements to see if it works better.

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