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Sales and Support

This weeks blog looks at the people behind NewZapp, and to start this series I looked across my desk at the Sales Team.

Darren Hepburn - Sales Director

Darren Hepburn

Sales Director
Gemma Mitchell - Senior Sales Executive

Gemma Mitchell

Senior Sales Executive
Rachel Hughes - Email Marketing Executive

Rachel Hughes

Email Marketing Executive

All of our customers; past, present and future have dedicated phone or email support from this UK (Devon) based team. So I asked Gemma Mitchell (Senior Sales Executive) and our Sales Director Darren Hepburn a few questions about who they are and what they do for NewZapp (I also answered a few myself so you could get to know me too!).

Support scrabble


How long have you been in email marketing?

The sales and support team have been in email marketing for varying amounts of time. Gemma has been in email marketing for almost 8 years, Darren on the other hand is an old hat at email marketing and has been doing it since 2004 (over 13 years!) and Rachel has been in it only a few months but has been in Digital Communications for 18 months and is studying Marketing for her degree.


What’s the best thing about your role here at NewZapp?

The best part for Gemma in her role at NewZapp is being on the front line, she gets to speak to lovely people everyday. Rachel enjoys working closely with customers to provide support and assistance with their campaigns; she loves seeing a customer who is new to email marketing sending their first campaigns and having fantastic results. It’s a huge confidence boost to the customer which rubs off on her!

Darren feels that the best part of his role is forming relationships with our customers; the moment when everything you discussed would happen, happens! The excitement of sending a campaign and having NewZapp as an Email Service Provider (ESP) gives the customer a buzz and they want to do more, pushing their email marketing to the max!


What does email marketing mean to you?

For Darren, he feels that email marketing is still the most powerful form of digital marketing to any business. The reach, engagement and responses, the personalisation to the subscriber and for the company sending the campaign! You can do so much more with email marketing compared to other forms of marketing.


What’s a typical day like for you at NewZapp HQ?

A typical day in the office starts with a cuppa! The first one to the kitchen usually makes the coffee or tea. Everyone gets stuck in with answering emails or support tickets. As the day progresses, Gemma will start to call our clients and prospective clients to see how they are getting on with their accounts. Her afternoon is usually spent putting together bespoke proposals together whilst listening to some music and of course having another coffee!

Rachel’s day is spent multitasking, she works on blogs, marketing ideas, updates as well as supporting customers through phone or email. She will also contact our live account customers to see how things are going with their campaigns, if they are having any problems or queries and to offer any support/marketing advice to continually improve the customers ROI.

NewZapp cup with campaign


What has been your best moment at NewZapp?

Gemma highlights that the pivotal moment in my sales career here at NewZapp was getting Network Rail on board! It was all because of the service that they received from all members of the team here at NewZapp.  News of fantastic support and service spread like wildfire and we now have 21 accounts with us all sending out every day.

For Darren, the best moments at NewZapp have been training his team (sales and support), imparting his wisdom and sharing his wealth of experience through training days, trade shows and business conferences.


What’s the best thing about NewZapp?

Gemma says for me, not only do I get to work with the best and knowledgeable people in the business, for me it is watching a client grow in confidence. To see someone go from never doing email marketing before to then writing, building and sending their first campaign and also coming up with a marketing plan is really what is it all about! If they are happy, I am happy!

For Rachel, it’s all about the customers! Its really good to hear how their campaigns are going from strength to strength and to form amazing relationships with them. Its also pretty fantastic to work with Gemma and Darren; they both have a wealth of experience and knowledge which they are willing to share to help me learn, they are also really nice people and Gemma is also a GoT buff so the gossip in the office is never boring!

Email on smart phone

Looking back to August and the new branding, user interface updates and as we approach NewZapp’s 20th birthday (2018!) I asked Darren (as he’s been here the longest!) how NewZapp has evolved since he first started.  Darren says, when I started (back in those days) NewZapp and all of the major online software platforms were only available on Internet Explorer 6. In the office there was a user guide where point one was “connect to the internet”, Chrome was a glint in Google’s eye, only Steve Jobs owned a Mac, and mobile phones were used to make calls and play snake on. The smart phone has revolutionised our product and industry with mobile responsive templates and client based tracking and the features (the upgrade list is too long to mention!).


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Rachel Hughes

Email Marketing Executive at NewZapp


p.s It’s really hard to write in the third person!

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