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It’s easy to put email marketing into a box where it’s just doing one job for you, but there’s so much more your emails can achieve.

You probably treat your customers differently. The more they spend with you, the more likely they are to receive better service from you. Use your email marketing to continue those special relationships and to improve your low value customers.

You probably treat prospects differently too. An offer or sales proposition you would use to convert leads to customers, may not be something you would offer an existing customer. Email marketing can be used for more than just acquisition or retention. There are more ways to utilise email marketing than you’d think.

By segmenting your database and targeting your emails, you can improve your relationships with contacts and add increase your revenue.

Retention email marketing

This is a great way to keep your branding in front of your customers. Tell them about industry news, show them you know what’s going on and prove you have your finger on the pulse. Passing this information on to your customers will help keep them in the loop. This will help your customers see you as a useful resource and build longer lasting relationships.

Show them your expertise in your industry by writing interesting and relevant articles. This will help build trust in your business. Trust is important as it helps make decision making easier and quicker. To make a purchase a customer must know, like and trust your business.

Offer advice and support as part of the deal. Be as specific as you can. This will help make your emails valuable to your customer. This is a softer approach to generating more business than acquisition emails. You don’t want to be too aggressive and lose the customer altogether. We would recommend you use between three and five retention emails to one acquisition email.

Acquisition email marketing

Use your emails to make a special impact on warm leads to convert them to sales. Where they have expressed a specific interest, send them an email relating to this area, explaining the benefits of buying from you and working with your business. Use your reporting to follow up those who opened or clicked your email.

Email is a great way of getting your other products and services in front of your customers. Offer those optional extras, up sell and cross sell your products and services. You can do this in stand alone acquisition emails or as part of a retention email, especially if your retention emails are long and in an editorial style. Integrating a sales message into a long editorial email can be highly effective. However, be careful not to dominate your retention email with a sales message.

Events and news alerts

Treat events you are attending and news alerts differently to the more structured campaigns above. This is your opportunity to blow your own trumpet, and let your subscribers know what you’re up to.

If you have an article in the press, let them know and link to it. It’s proving your knowledge and expertise, it’s good PR and it will boost your brand.

If you’re attending an event or trade show, let everyone know where you’re going and invite them to meet you there. This offers an opportunity for your contacts to meet you in person, which could be your opportunity to improve your relationships and close sales.

Transactional emails

Say thank you. When someone spends money with you, send a thank you email. It start’s off the marketing conversation with your customer. You can include a marketing message on other related products and services, as well as information on what the subscriber can expect to receive from you in future.

If you let them know you’re sending regular emails, keep your promise. You’ll be improving their experience of you, building trust, paving the way for future purchases and better relationships.

Above all

Be consistent with your messages and keep your promises. If you let your recipients down, you’ll damage their confidence in you and your brand. Avoid getting stuck in an email marketing rut. Target your emails and you’ll get a better response.

Email marketing is a great tool in your marketing tool box. It’s not be the latest technological fad, but it’s the superglue to hold the rest of your mix together.

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