Outlook 2013 rendering and how it affects your email designs

Posted on June 2, 2014 at 9:15 am Written by

So just when you thought as an email designer you had everything covered… (you even had Lotus Notes eating out of the palm of your hand!) then along comes a new release that gets you crying into your code and wishing that background images not showing in Outlook was the least of your worries!

The launch of Outlook 2013 shouldn’t, in theory, have caused any new issues at all. Just like Outlook 2007, and 2010 before it, it still uses Word as its rendering engine. So how could that possibly make life for an email designer any more difficult?

Here’s how: 

  • Any table cells that have a height of 19px or below will automatically have space added to make it up to 19px.
  • Any image with a height of less than 19px will have the same issue.

But never fear, the Design Team at NewZapp ride to the rescue again by documenting the workarounds and adjustments to the tried and tested methods of delivering good looking, and stable HTML emails.

We recently launched the latest edition of the NewZapp Designer’s Guide and a companion factsheet that shows you just what we’ve added to account for our new findings in Outlook 2013.


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