Why not just use Outlook?

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It’s a good question.

Your contacts are in Outlook, you send emails from it on a day to day basis anyway and it’s “free”. So why should you use an Email Marketing Provider like NewZapp to send your emails?

What are you missing?

email deliverability


Email Tracking

One of Email Marketing’s most powerful tools is the ability to track subscriber engagement.

And before you say it, no, nobody should use “read receipts” for this because it isn’t the 1990’s.

Seeing vital email analytics like who opened and clicked on your email is just the tip of the iceberg from a system like NewZapp.


NewZapp Track

Domain Protection

Using Outlook means sending via your own internal server / ISP (internet service provider) is a very risky business.

If you get blacklisted you’re ISP could ban ALL emails from the organisation whilst it investigates.

Using an Email Marketing Provider protects you from blacklisting and the ensuing wrath of bosses, IT departments & colleagues.


Mobile Optimisation

With over 55% of emails been read on mobile devices, it is crucial they look professional and engaging on these devices.

Otherwise they just get deleted.

Every email sent out of NewZapp is carefully designed to look its best at any screen width, boosting engagement to new levels.



Breaches & Crashes

We’ve all had them, a campaign with everyone’s email address in the “to” or “cc”.

This is a total breach of current data protection laws not to mention a strain on internal email systems.

But you’ll be careful and use “bcc”.

They probably said that at the NHS in Nov 2016 when a test email sent to all crashed their system for days.

An Email Provider send a single email to a single subscriber, keeping everyone’s data safe whilst controlling the flow of email.

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