NewZapp’s Top 10 Email Marketing Tips – Part 2

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Second in our two-part blog, sharing our Top 10 tips for email marketing success.

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6. Planning

A last minute rush when creating an email campaign is worse than not interacting with your subscribers. Content may not be defined, messages may be off, typos and bad links can’t be checked and ultimately it can cause damage to your subscriber base. You don’t have to plan months and months ahead in detail but having a rough idea of what content is going to be sent will help with planning your emails. Setting SMART goals are a good idea and will allow for your teams to coordinate with each other without confusion or stress.

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7. Define messages

As part of the planning process, thinking about what kinds of emails should be sent to which subscribers is important. Messages that aren’t well defined will more than likely end up unread and, in the trash, or worse, your subscriber may unsubscribe.

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8. Clear Calls to Action

Creating an email with mixed messages can lead to subscribers scratching their heads. Defined messages along with clear calls to action, can encourage your subscribers to take the next step with your brand and improve your ROI. Messages that say, “click here”, or for “more information read here” have a better click through rate compared to just a link popped into an email. Your email campaign may be the first step of engagement with your subscriber, don’t let it be your last. Read through our Marketing Mix blog

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9. Be on brand

Branding isn’t just about design. It isn’t just a company name and some colours, something that you create and then forget about. Your brand is something that has value and meaning, an association with your products, services and mission. And it is continuously evolving, just as your business is. Remember that first impressions count, a good clean email template design can help with this. Building and maintaining your brand is needed

Building a brand – know, like and trust

10. Sending regularly

Sometimes you may have nothing to say to your subscribers, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t send an email. It might be a good idea to look back at your past email campaigns and adjust the message to be relevant and timely. Subscribers that are engaged with one campaign may not stay engaged for another. Attempting to keep those subscribers engaged by sending regular messages will keep them warm and aware of your brand, if you don’t it could take a while to wake them up again. Read our blog to help you keep your subscribers alive.

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