NewZapp’s Top 10 Email Marketing Tips – Part 1

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In this first of a two-part blog, we’re taking the hard work out of identifying the Top 10 tips for email marketing success.

1. Personalisation

Not only does engagement improve when campaigns including personalised messages such as including a first name they also improve when you personalise the types of content through custom tags and filtering. By sending email campaigns that are based on subscriber behaviour through automation or segmentation could lead to an opportunity to send a subscriber further relevant campaigns and improve the customers journey with your brand, proving value and ultimately increasing your ROI. Get the most out of your subscribers

Our Favourite Filter Combinations

2. Automation

Work smarter not harder. A motto used a lot at NewZapp HQ. Do you have a regular campaign to send out such as a renewal reminder or a quarterly event? Or do you want to send a welcome email to all new subscribers? Automate it. With Automation, you can dynamically define which subscribers receive what type of email through behavioural triggers. This means that your subscribers will receive emails that matter to them and improve engagement.  Automation is one of our most powerful tools in your NewZapp toolbox

Features: NewZapp’s most powerful tools

3. Clean and Lean database

Keep your database lean and mean
We all know that the GDPR is closing in on us, it’s been a topic which has been used to scaremonger people into panicking about their data. The Data Protection Act has been around for years, and has always required some sort of opt in (even if it was ambiguous and included an opt out checkbox). Under the GDPR consent isn’t the only way to lawfully process data, but a clean lean database can help you decipher who is legitimately interested in your emails and those who won’t give you consent even if you tried. Read our lean and mean blog for good subscriber management

Marketing Strategy: Keep your subscriber database lean and mean

4. Mobile optimisation

55% of all emails sent are opened on a mobile device first and 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimised for mobile (HubSpot, 2017). With smartphone use rising year on year to 76% in 2017 (Ofcom, 2017), a huge tip for 2018 is to make sure you have a mobile responsive campaign going to your subscriber or it could just end up in the bin. Read our mobile responsive blog

Templates: Why is being mobile responsive so important?

5. Re-targeting

A huge part of Email Marketing, is generating new sales or value engagement. With some subscribers, they will drift off into the sunset if you don’t keep them interested. With various marketing techniques and tools such as good database management, segmentation and automation; your subscriber base should always be flowing through funnel of marketing. If a subscriber drops out of this flow then retargeting can (not always) get them back. Read our blog about filtering subscribers

Filtering data for re-engagement campaigns

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