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There are so many features within NewZapp not just with the software but also with the human side. This week’s blog highlights just a few of NewZapp’s most powerful tools that can help you get a return on your investment and understand what your subscribers like and don’t like.

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Your NewZapp Support Team

One of the big differences between NewZapp and a well known Email Service Provider is that we are UK based and you can actually speak to a real person. We offer support to all of our customers regardless of their package, through telephone or email contact. We also have dedicated account managers that will work with you to reach your email marketing goals. With years of experience between them, no question is a stupid question; your excitement about a campaign being opened is our excitement too.

Subscriber card

A big one to consider getting to know, after all, you can’t send a campaign without a subscriber! The subscriber card is a mini CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool; it is where you can store your subscriber details such as first name, last name, email address (of course!), telephone number and postal address. You can also populate a custom tag (Enterprise only) in the subscriber card which you can match up to your account and for example have the custom tag of customer ID number or their favourite flower.

Additionally you can assign a subscriber to multiple groups and check their current segments (will come onto this later on as it’s an amazing feature in its own right). The subscriber card is also where you can suppress a subscriber or remove them from your account. You can also unsubscribe them manually (for example if you get a response email saying “Josh has left NewZapp”). The subscriber card will show you the history of sends, opens and clicks of an individual which will give you an insight if you wish to adjust your target marketing or segment a customer.

As some of you may have noticed this week’s system update contained  subscriber card update and there is now a GDPR tab which will be extended to include more subscriber action data in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye on your inboxes and accounts.

Subscriber Card

Segmentation (Enterprise only)

This part of the subscriber database is my personal favourite. It is dynamic and constantly evolves the data available to give you an up to the minute insight into what your subscribers are doing.  Annette (@nettywest) wrote a blog about segmenting your data to allow you to drill down to your engaged subscribers and re-target them for follow-ups, which can help you get a return on your investment! With GDPR coming into action next year, you can start to use segmentation to assist in the big database clear up (as mentioned here).



Automation is included with every NewZapp account. Enterprise accounts have extended automated series options such as behaviour target marketing or triggered date campaigns. Automation is a relatively new feature for NewZapp, and help to transform your email marketing using triggers and behaviours ‘if this, then do that’.  All accounts have the opportunity to create a welcome email series, thanking your subscriber for signing up to your database or a birthday email (if you have added that date to your subscriber card, FYI mine is January 29th). We have an automated series welcoming our subscribers to our database, introducing them to the various features and marketing tips from our newsletters and series steps (if you want to sign up to our newsletter please scroll right to the bottom of this page).


After all your hard work creating the email campaign, sending your proofs out to your test group, monitoring the peaks and troughs of your last campaign opens, to find that 6 pm is the best time for campaigns to be sent but you have left the office, what do you do? As part of our Enterprise account package, we offer campaign scheduling any day, anytime, any campaign. So whilst you are putting your feet up or on the train home from work (or even starting work) your campaign is ready to start making its journey into your subscriber inbox.


Now your campaign has been sent, click on the Track tab and watch the show. This is one of NewZapp HQ’s favourite pastimes. When we launched our new website, we sent out one of our newsletters to our subscriber base and watched the magic happen. It’s quite exhilarating to see the opens and clicks as they happen! The HotSpot (LIVE) tab, will show you how many of your subscribers have received their email, how many of them have opened the campaign, the click-throughs, which type of device they have opened your campaign on, any social interactions and any peaks in the last 45 minutes. This is in real time and can assist you in creating your marketing strategy for send times, popular calls to action, email header (the subject line) and if you need to adjust your campaign design for mobile opens (see my recent blog)


The hidden features

I asked the team here at NewZapp HQ what features they believe can help our customers with their marketing strategy to improve their open rates, click-throughs and ultimately a return on their investment.

In NewZapp, there are additional features on the Enterprise package which you may or may not know about.

These are:

  1. Split A/B testing – Compare campaign reporting for opens, click rates, times and subject lines to assist with increasing your marketing goals
  2. Print Managers report –  enables you to create branded, data-rich material in a portable PDF format which can help you assess your marketing strategy and campaign success
  3. Track Graph – shows you the exact point when your campaign was performing at its best, which is invaluable for the planning of future successful campaigns
  4. Custom tagging– allows further demographic information to be collected and displayed about your subscriber in your campaigns which will make their experience with your campaign more personal.
  5. Google Analytics –  integration with Google Analytics will provide you with additional insights about your subscriber’s journey after they read your campaign

Final thoughts

Using everything in the NewZapp marketing feature playbook can help increase your return on investment and encourage your subscribers to become more engaged with your brand. Integrating these features and the data that can be mined from your NewZapp account can help to create and continuously develop your marketing strategy and refine your goals. If you want to discuss these features, or go through your package please contact us on 01392 447200 or sales@newzapp.co.uk

Happy data mining!

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