#Throwback Thursday: NewZapp through the ages

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NewZapp through the ages

As some of you may have noticed we have recently upgraded the website and the NewZapp editor to our new branding!

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Well done to all the team for their hard work and dedication to these updates.

This week’s blog gives a nod to the past versions of NewZapp and how our platform has evolved over time. Let’s go back to the start, shall we?

2002 – 2007: PowerLounge NewZapp v1.0 to v3.5

Some of our customers may remember using our first editor ‘PowerLounge’ 1.0. PowerLounge provided the facility to create an HTML Newsletter by inputting and editing news items and images using NewZapp. PowerLounge provided a newsletter for database creation, editing group databases for the distribution of the Newsletter via e-mail.  System requirements needed to use PowerLounge and NewZapp. Requires Windows 95 or later with Internet Explorer 5.5 or above.

In 2003, NewZapp 2.0 launched with a new upgraded user interface and features and in 2004 NewZapp 3.0 launched. NewZapp v3 was the first email marketing system to include real time tracking of emails.


2007 – 2011 NewZapp v4

Version 4.0

In version 4.0, we improved the open and click reporting; this time we added additional system requirements to watch the magic happen ‘Recommended viewing resolution is 1024 x 768 or higher. Advanced Live Campaign Reporting: requires Adobe Flash Player 9 or above.’ In 2009, we launched version 4.6; this launch included Google Analytics integration, a spam checker, welcome/double opt-in emails and much much more!


2011 – 2015 NewZapp v5

The biggest release to date included a brand-new tool bar for the Create & Send editor with ‘Save As’ for email creation, a table maker, the ability to remove Word formatting from content, folder management for images, an image editor and a brand new ‘Social’ tab to enable social sharing of email campaigns. Alongside these updates was the addition of an HTML uploader.

In 2013, we launched NewZapp version 5.2 which included mobile responsive templates, real time reporting, email readers and device identification, social activity, further Google Analytics integration and manager reports that were printable for all the reporting goodness!


2015 to present day: NewZapp v6

In NewZapp 6, we introduced a drag and drop editor for total flexibility for email creation; we also completely overhauled the subscriber management area introducing dynamic segments with advanced filtering. This year (2017) we released automation, this area of our platform provides the opportunity to send campaigns based on triggers such as dates, welcome emails, opt in emails or series of events.


Brand evolution why is it important?

As our NewZapp Project Manager, I asked Annette West (@nettywest) about why it’s so important to continually evolve the design of your brand. Annette has been with NewZapp since 2001 and has seen NewZapp evolve from the first version right through to last week’s rebranding of our website and user interface.

Do you believe it is important to evolve your design of your brand?

I do, but at a steady pace! Every aspect of your brand does, I believe, need to evolve to remain current – but you can’t be all things to all people and changes to brand design need to be carefully considered to make sure you’re (a) changing for the right reasons, and (b) changing in the right direction.

Anyone who’s worked with brand design will know that even the slightest change has a ripple effect through all your customer and staff facing material, so you need to consider whether a change will be detrimental to any aspect of your business or a positive influence throughout. Are you keen for change because of working with your current brand for what seems “forever” or can you genuinely see you place in the market not sitting quite as comfortably as it should or could? Not of course forgetting the costs involved (from the man hours to the cost of asset production). Research and feedback should help you gauge all of the above and allow the brand design to flourish as time passes.

There will be times when a brand is mid change, yet there’s still marketing to be done. We have designed for customers in this situation many times, taking into account the current (soon to be “old”) brand but at a time when the brand re-design hasn’t yet been started, let alone completed. That’s when the talents of good designers come in to play with email templates that bridge the gap, and sometimes even unwittingly influence a brand’s evolution with fresh ideas often made possible due to the distance from not being historically involved.

Why is it important?

Your brand design should first and foremost be something you are proud of. A good brand design makes it a pleasure to promote with confidence and integrity. It’s effectively your “shop front”, and the first impression many will have of you. As corny as it may sound, if you love yourself others will follow. It’s only in rare instances that a brand design can last indefinitely – even the biggest of brands carefully tweak their designs at regular intervals, so continue to assess your place, in your market, talking to and widening your audiences.

NewZapp new branding 2017


What’s next for NewZapp?

As most of our customers are aware, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) launches in May of 2018. This data protection law is going to be important for all of our customers and their subscribers; we have included some helpful information about what it means for our customers (past, present or future) on our new website here. We will also be producing a series of blogs to help get to grips with the new data protection law; we advise all of our customers to visit the ICO website for further details

We are proud to launch our new domain pack which will provide email authentication and improve your campaign deliverability. We are also excited to launch our Enterprise XL package. This package offers everything but the kitchen sink! It includes Email strategy, in house training and the domain pack as well as all the features of the Enterprise package.

Call us today on 01392 447200 or email sales@newzapp.co.uk to discuss what NewZapp can do for you.

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