NewZapp Newbie

Posted on December 6, 2013 at 8:49 am Written by

It’s always a daunting experience starting a new job. There’s nothing quite like arriving at your new office, meeting all your new colleagues and then being left at your desk to somehow make a difference and prove your worth.

Coming from an email marketing background I felt confident I knew what I was getting myself into, turns out the hundreds of fashion and beauty e-newsletters I have sent out over the past 5 years weren’t going to be of much help at NewZapp. Yet somehow I have gone from Pop-Culture Princess to IT Queen in a matter of weeks – so I like to tell myself anyway.

My first week was spent learning the ins and outs of NewZapp, and to give credit where credit is due, it is probably one of the easiest  to understand and navigate your way around email marketing software systems I have come across – and I have tried them all. As with anything new it’s always going to take a bit of time to get your head around, but what I really like about NewZapp is that it has been created with the complete novice in mind. Regardless if you’re an email marketer from way back or you’re about to send your first ever campaign, NewZapp has made the entire process effortless.

Unlike other email marketing software companies NewZapp has taken their reporting one step further with the introduction of LIVE! Reporting which is one of the quickest, most in-depth and informative real time reporting systems currently available. In an instant you can see which link is the most popular, who is active right now and if the email is trending in social media circles. However, for someone like myself, by far the best feature of NewZapp that leaves other email marketing software in its wake is the solution to the dreaded copy and paste from Word nightmare. In a nutshell, HTML code and Microsoft Word just don’t get along. Whilst your email looks fine and dandy to the naked eye, behind the scenes it’s a tug of war to decide how the email you’ve crafted will look once delivered. Will it be ‘Arial’ and black like it looks or ‘Times New Roman’ and blue in the inbox? The solution? Well, every time you right click and select paste in your email template NewZapp will automatically ask if you would like to ‘paste as plain text’ – you do! Clicking ‘OK’ adds your copy as clean as a whistle, regardless of where it came from. Yes, that means you can once again safely cut and paste from Microsoft Word, Websites, PowerPoint and Excel.

Now don’t get me wrong, just because NewZapp is the one handing out my monthly pay checks I’m not going to sit here and only tell you how amazingly wonderful it is, like everything it has its downsides. In fact one of the things NewZapp is currently missing which is offered by most other email marketing software companies is the ability to easily create your own custom built template by way of a drag and drop feature. Obviously if you’re happy with the free templates on offer then it’s not a problem, but for those wanting to be a little bit more creative, I have heard through the grapevine that there is something in the works for next year, so watch this space…

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