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Good news from NewZapp HQ

Here are 4 facts off the top of my head about the Drag & Drop method of creating an email campaign.

  •   Drag & Drop is a great system.
  •   Drag & Drop has been an amazing advance.
  •   Drag & Drop is definitely the most flexible email editor we’ve ever built.

… and Drag & Drop can, at times, be right fiddly!

By that I mean, if you are feeling particularly precise about your layout there has been an aspect of adding blocks to your emails which has been a bit of a pain.

As the team here will do (just about) anything to stop the sound of me pfft’ing and tsk’ing, they’ve had a brainwave in how to make things much simpler. They’ve made an update to one type of block, and added one brand new type to your editor tools.

Here’s the change

  •  Layout Blocks no longer add padding as they are dropped into your email.

Here’s the new bit

  • There’s a new 4th type of block called a Padding Block.

Here’s when to use it

  • Wherever you want padding applied, drop the new Padding Block on top of a Layout Block before you drop in a Text or Image Block.
New Padding Block

Your New Padding Block

Here’s the reason why (in case you’re wondering)

The Drag & Drop editor has always had three types of block (Text, Image & Layout). It’s the Layout blocks which have had an update.

These blocks are the structural placeholders ready to receive text and image blocks. They give you the ability to add 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns to any area of your email. 

Layout Blocks
Layout Blocks

Here’s an example to explain better

Every layout block had padding included on all of its 4 sides, so that when you drop another block on top there is still space for a coloured background to be added (to ensure that your text content doesn’t look all scrunched up and nasty against the edges of the background colour).

This was a big help if you wanted to use panels of contrasting colour like this…

Example where padding helps

Example where padding helps

But frustrating if you were working on a single colour/white with margins now no longer lining up:

Example where padding is a hindrance

Example where padding is a hindrance

The updated Layout blocks no longer have padding so you can now achieve the line-up you wanted:

Example where padding is a hindrance

Example where padding is no longer included if you don’t need it

Or by dropping a Padding Block on top of a Layout Block you can still achieve panes of colour:

Example where padding has been added with a Padding Block

Example where padding has been added to a Layout Block, by using a Padding Block


Other things you need to know about this update

Any emails already created in your account are untouched by the update, it takes effect from this point onward with any new editing that you do.

If you are using a Bespoke Template then this update will make life much easier if you want to add standard Blocks to an email. The Custom Blocks that we made for you will be unaffected.

To coincide with this update we’ve spruced up the free Basic templates to take the changes on board (Themed & Seasonal are unaffected).

If you use the Basic templates, you will need to create you next email from scratch so that the blocks provided in the template as standard are using the new update (it won’t apply if you are using ‘Save As’ on an email created before this update).

This update is unrelated to the “comfort padding” that is applied when you nest blocks (put one upon the other):

  • A Layout Block adds 10 pixels of comfort padding across the top if dropped onto another Layout Block to ensure that you can access the editing tools for the nested block.
  • Text & Image Blocks add 10 pixels of comfort padding along the bottom if dropped onto a Layout Block to ensure that blocks added underneath do not bump into each other.
  • Whichever combination of blocks you use, using the Preview option in the editor gives you the best impression of how the email will look in the inbox – second best to sending yourself a proof email of course!


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