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Who doesn’t love a birthday email?Did someone mention cake?

Especially if it has a voucher code, or mention of balloons!

With this in mind, we’ve made an update to all NewZapp accounts that means it’s now even easier to create really personal email campaigns.

We’ve added a brand new Data Tag to the 15 already available when populating your Subscriber data.

This new tag enables you to store each subscriber’s date of birth in the dd/mm/yyyy format.

In marketing terms this opens up a whole new range of possibilities for targeted and engaged campaigns:

Happy Birthday wishes:

  • Leading up to – if your offer involves planning ahead, maybe you want to prompt your subscriber to make a booking, or purchase something in readiness for the day
  • On the day – even if you don’t want to include a call to action, send one for that feel good factor. You’ll be surprised how many people will reply with a “thank you”!
  • The day after – maybe the right time to ask if they had a good day, or commiserate with an offer to help with the birthday hangover!

Birthday offers:

  • Coupons, Buy X Get X (such as a dessert when you buy a meal), or other free “stuff” on a qualifying spend.
  • Even if you’re not an online seller, you could include a discount code in your email that can be quoted on the phone.

Anniversary congratulations:

  • For example, you may not know a subscriber’s birthday but you might store the date that a subscriber became a customer – that’s a birthday of sorts!

These ideas amongst others mean that this is just the type of Subscriber data you need to start collecting as we head towards our exciting next big release.


On a practical level, when managing your data, the benefits of the new tag include:

Uploading without the need to create a Custom Tag

When matching columns during a data upload, Date of Birth is now available in the Tag Detection drop downs:

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Viewing the data on table view in Groups & Segments

Date of Birth on the table

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Ability to use a date based search in Groups

Ability to use a date based search in Groups

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Inclusion on every Subscriber’s Card

Inclusion of the data on every Subscriber Card's personal details

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Segment using ‘Date of Birth’ as a dynamic filter

Creating a Segment using Date of Birth as a dynamic filter

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Improving your signup forms

Ability to request Date of Birth on a signup form linked to your account

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No need to Search to see the Data of Birth column now that it’s a standard Data Tag:


When matching columns during a data upload, Date of Birth is now available in the Tag Detection drop downs:


Options such as On/After/Before allow you to pin point your search based on a particular date:


Find Date of Birth data easily on the Personal Details tab of every Subscriber Card:


Dynamic filters are ones which keep working as data is added to your account, rather than a static search:


You’ll now be able to ask for Date of Birth on a signup form linked to your account:

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Other things you need to know about this update

tickIf you want to, you can re-upload Subscriber data into your account now you have a Date of Birth column to populate. This brings no risk of NewZapp duplicating email addresses. It won’t. It will just take on board the new data in your spreadsheet or .csv file and update your existing Subscribers.

Already have this data in a custom field? You can simply export your data, and then re-upload just two columns – email address & date of birth – but this time choose the Date of Birth option underneath Last Name on Step 2 of the upload. Any other data already stored will remain untouched and you’ll get the fastest upload speed by not re-uploading other fields (columns) of data.

noentryWhen uploading data that includes dates of birth, if it doesn’t meet the required dd/mm/yyyy format then it ain’t coming in, sorry (you’ll thank us later!) but it wont prevent the system from going ahead with adding the Subscribers and their other data into your account.

lightbulbUsing the correct format (dd/mm/yyyy) in the right type of tag (Date type rather than Text type) gives more power to your search and dynamic filters. If a filter knows your data is a date then you can base criteria around this (filtering for dates of birth on/before/after a specific date, etc)


So on your marks, get prepared for the advent of triggered emails using NewZapp Automation, coming soon to every account.


Oh, and in case you’re asking, 05.10.1978


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