Do you need a Subscriber Preference area?

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What will the Subscriber Preferences area do?

The subscriber preference area will help you fine tune your subscribers and their groups, it is a good way for subscribers to manage their own email address and the content that they want to receive.

Why would you set up your Subscriber Preference area?

Subscribers can often feel that they receive too many emails, that they only want to receive specific information from you or that the content is repetitive and no longer relevant to them.

Having a subscriber preference area would easily fix these issues by giving your subscribers control of their own email address.

The Subscriber Preferences area will also have a positive effect on your email deliverability and your relationship with your subscribers.



What are the benefits of having a Subscriber Preference area?

Reduce complaints and spam reports

There could be a few reasons why a subscriber would want to unsubscribe from your list. Having a subscriber preference area will help to provide alternatives for those who may be unsubscribing for reasons that you can control.

Subscribers that want to be removed from your list can either unsubscribe, report you as spam or manage their preferences. Ideally you want your subscribers to manage their preferences rather than hitting the spam button. When they hit that spam button it effects your email deliverability.



Keeping your Subscribers

Nobody likes losing subscribers and having a subscriber preference area will add another step to help persuade them to stay with you. Giving subscribers the option to choose what content they receive.

Some of the main reasons people unsubscribe from emails are frequency, interest, and volume. Giving your subscribers the control over the emails they receive will make a difference in retaining your subscribers over time. Also giving subscribers the control makes it so that your subscribers are improving the relevancy of your emails and your groups. Relevancy is a key reason people subscribe and stay subscribed to email lists, and allowing subscribers to choose their personal email preferences will improve relevancy.

Letting subscribers decide what content they want to receive from you rather than unsubscribing from all your lists. You are putting control back into their hands and it will potentially stop them from completely removing their email address from your database.


Showcasing your content

If you have multiple email newsletters, the subscriber preferences area will be a great way to let your subscribers know about all of them. From the subscriber preferences area, the subscriber can remove themselves from unwanted mailing lists, but can also select the ones that they are more interested in. This is a great way to manage your content frequency and relevancy and also increase subscribers in other lists and also let them know about lists they might not be aware of.

When asking your subscribers to manage their preferences, make sure you have enough lists to allow them to make these choices. If a subscriber wants to receive emails everyday make sure you have enough content to send it to them every day. You should start out slowly by only having a few options at first and continually build your lists and content until you have enough.



Having a Subscriber Preference area is a great way to manage your email deliverability and build great relationships with your subscribers. It will also give you an insight into your lists and you will be able to find out what content your subscribers enjoy receiving. Letting subscribers choose the different content that they want to receive, will also help you fine tune your lists which will make your open and click through lists as high as possible. I would suggest if you have enough lists and produce the content it will be a great feature to add to your account.
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