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This week sees the launch of our mobile responsive email editor. This free upgrade to all NewZapp Email Marketing accounts marks a step towards capturing your subscribers attention via mobile devices.

Your subscribers’ world has changed, a recent study claimed we look at our mobile phone every 6 minutes, checking it on average 150 times a day!This begs the question, does your Email Marketing campaign look good on mobile?

Thanks to NewZapp LIVE! Client you can see email trend in action on every campaign you send. Now you have the power to preview and edit your campaigns in a mobile device before sending.

NOTE: The Mobile Responsive Email Editor does not preview correctly in Internet Explorer, but the templates do respond correctly on sending.

Inside the Email Editor

We’ve introduced a slider at the foot of your Email Editor enabling you to switch from Desktop to Mobile view. The default view is Desktop.

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If you are creating an email using a Responsive Template* you can switch at any time to the mobile view to see how your campaign looks in a smartphone or other HTML capable devices like iPod’s and tablets.

Click to enlarge.
View does not display correctly in Internet Explorer, we’re working on a fix!

No fancy HTML knowledge is required, our design team have taken care of everything. The responsive templates are specially designed to render differently in a desktop or mobile environment. Text can appear bigger for mobile devices for example to allow easy reading whilst images scale to fit the window given.

NewZapp LIVE! Client

Next time you login take a look at the LIVE! Client analytics on your last campaign. Here you’ll see how important responsive email campaigns could be you your database.¬†Armed with this knowledge you can start to target your subscribers with more tailored campaigns suited to the device.

*Only templates with the word ‘Responsive’ in the name are designed to be used with this free upgrade. If you’d like a free responsive template adding to your account, or details about a more bespoke version speak to a member of the NewZapp team on 0845 612 5544.

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