Two of my favourite things. Memes and Email Marketing!

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Two of my favourite things. Memes and Email Marketing!

As a lover of memes (pronounced meem), I spend a lot of free time looking at some of the best the internet has on offer and some questionable ones. I had to post a loosely related blog post about them. Any excuse to show some of my favourites.


Rick Roll

You would click on a link expecting to see the new Take That video, then you see him. “Never gonna give you up”. The disappointment! It is the same when including links into your email. Make sure the link is going to the correct place, if it is linking to a specific article or product make sure the subscriber is directed there and not to your homepage or an irrelevant webpage.


One does not simply

One does not simply put an email campaign together and neither should you. Take your time planning the campaign and future campaigns. If you are selling a product, take your subscriber on a journey. Subscribers need to realise why they need your product and how it will benefit them. Don’t just email them asking to Buy! Buy! Buy!


Obama and Biden

A personal favourite of our Gemma, Obama and Biden. We would all love a friendship like theirs. Since Obama chose his running mate in 2008 they have had a great friendship and the relationship with your subscribers should be just as good. Don’t SPAM them and stick to the agreements you made when you obtained their email address. Having a good relationship with your subscribers will keep engagement high.



The sound you make when you receive a present you love! Do you have weekly newsletters that you love receiving? You want subscribers to be this excited when receiving your emails. If the content they are receiving is relevant and interesting they are more likely to act like this when they receive your emails.


Grumpy cat

A cute grumpy cat. The opposite to the feeling above. Unhappy subscribers will have a negative effect on your campaigns. Being marked as SPAM or being ignored will give you low open and click rates. You definitely do not want your subscribers to be looking like this.


The Dress

The infamous dress! White and Gold or Blue and Black? Different people will see different colours. Your email campaign will be the same, different people will want to receive different information. Segmenting your lists and content will make sure subscribers the content that is relevant to their tastes.


Everyone gets a…

Sending a lot of emails. If you have a lot of contacts and low engagement rates it might be worth having a clean out of your subscriber list. Remove or send out a re-engagement campaign to subscribers who haven’t opened a campaign from you in years. You will see better results if you are sending to active subscribers. It is good to remember that a large list will normally show low engagement rates. Be careful how many emails you send, you don’t want to start losing subscribers from emailing too often.


Well, that escalated quickly

You’ve just started email marketing bought yourself a new list from a company, got all your content ready, sent your campaign and now you’re on a blacklist. Make sure you are emailing subscribers that want to hear from you. Subscribers can mark you as SPAM and it will be hard for you to directly land into other inboxes. Be careful with purchased lists, often they have SPAM traps included which can result in a situation you weren’t expecting. It is easy getting on a blacklist, a lot harder to get off one.


Super Cool Ski Instructor

Test your emails before sending them. They may look perfect once you’ve designed it and added your content, but there is no way of telling how the email will look in the inbox until it has been received into that mailbox. Outlook doesn’t show background images so if you have designed an email with them included, it is not going to appear correctly. Always remember to test before sending!


Salt Bae

Last meme I promise (maybe). Salt Bae. Suave. Sophisticated. Cool. Even though I hate the word bae, easily my favourite meme of 2017 so far. He’s all about being a little extra. He wouldn’t be a meme if he was casually sprinkling salt. Provide a little bit of extra on your emails, make them nice to look at and provide something to the reader. This could be the difference between them opening your emails or opening a competitors.




Josh from NewZapp   @JoshNewZapp Josh Pinto. Support legend – Lover of memes.

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