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Seasonal email marketing opportunities

Every conversation I have at the moment always ends with “if I don’t speak to you before, have a fantastic Christmas and have a happy New Year”. So, what happens if you don’t see most of your Subscriber base in person?

Christmas Cards may not be the answer...

Not everyone buys Christmas cards anymore, but if you do, there is nothing worse than attempting to remember when the last post is, or lining up in the post office to get a hundred stamps to send a card which has probably cost you 20p, plus the stamp which is around 60p… once you factor in the cost of your time and resources to fill in those cards you could be looking at closer to a pound…

Whilst it’s nice to receive a card, we are in a predominately digital world; so why not make use of that for sending Seasons Wishes emails? An email is cheaper to send (dependent on your package it could be as cheap as 0.001 Pence Per Email), quicker, and can be opened and read whilst on the move (instead of waiting for the postie)!

Free Seasonal email templates!

To make it easier for you (we’re nice like that), under the Themed tab in the Template Picker in your account we have automatically included a variety of free Seasonal email templates. These templates are ready to go, all you have to do is pop in your content. You may also wish to use personalisation in your campaign to wish the individual subscriber seasons greetings (as you would do in a Christmas card).

Try NewZapp's free Seasonal email templates

A Seasonal campaign is a fantastic way to send your Subscribers well wishes. Be sure to send a thoughtful, non-sales based e-card, it’s a great way to show the friendly face of your business. It’s also a good opportunity to include other bits of helpful information, such as your holiday opening hours and holiday email and telephone contacts.

Why not use Automation for Christmas sends? We are! Our campaigns will be sent whilst I’m sat tucking into my Christmas dinner and drinking my Prosecco. You can find more info here about Automating your email campaigns (not my Christmas dinner).


  • Dependent on when you send (remember about office shut downs if you are B2B), you may get out-of-office emails en masse! So be prepared to clean your inbox…
  • You could create a Christmas e-card campaign for your internal communications too, for example to wish Betty and everyone else from Sales a Happy Christmas.
  • It’s important to have a look at your calendar and think about the best days and times to send your emails. If offices shut down on the Friday before Christmas, sending your email out at 4pm on the 22nd will mean no-one will open your campaign until January 2nd 2018!
  • Why not have a read through our our 5 Steps of Christmas Prep for inspiration


E-cards aren’t just for Christmas.

You may also wish to send your Subscribers a Happy New Year message and well wishes for 2018, with maybe your New Year opening hours – or a sneak peak at a sale coming up in January? The opportunities are there to get a return on your investment and some click through conversions…


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