Managing Subscriber Preferences

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With inboxes at bursting point the need to send more targeted relevant emails has never been greater. In an effort to lighten the load we unsubscribe from emails that are irrelevant.

How can you stop that from happening to your emails?

By managing subscriber preferences, you can send the emails your database want to see, like to receive and love to click on!

Thanks to our latest free update your subscribers can now tell you what they are interested in. Giving you the power to send stand out email campaigns that get results.



To be honest, there is a RIDICULOUS amount of cool stuff to tell you about in this upgrade. Far too much for one blog, so below are a few pointers for a quick start on the path to targeting enlightenment.

Managing Subscriber Preferences

There are 3 simple steps that will need setting up to take advantage of this fantastic free upgrade.

  • Creation of Public Groups
  • Changes to your templates
  • Adding your Company Logo

Customer Notice
Nothing in your account has changed and none of the above needs to be done before sending a campaign you’re currently working on.

When you’re free just grab a warm beverage, (rather partial to a Vanilla Latte myself) have a read of this blog and log into your account.

Creation of Public Groups

Inside a NewZapp Subscribers Section your database should be split up into a variety of groups. From today these groups are now Private Groups.

Private Groups are, as they’ve always been, “for your eyes only”. Only you will be able to see these groups inside your NewZapp account.

To start using this subscriber preferences upgrade you’ll need to create some new Public Groups.

A full help guide on creating a Public Group can be found by following this link. Once created your Private and Public Groups will be clearly labelled inside your account and you’ll be ready to go!

Managing Subscriber Preferences


Changes to your Templates

All of the free templates in your account have been updated today with the new manage preferences link in the footer. Nothing has been changed on emails you have previously created or sent.

“What about my bespoke templates?”

Once you’re ready with Public Groups and company branding email our Design Team with the file name of the template or templates you’d like updating. They will do this for you completely free of charge!



Adding your Company Logo

An additional option for all NewZapp Enterprise users is the opportunity to add your own company logo to the manage preferences screen. Follow the instructions here on uploading your logo and it will appear:



So that’s you all ready to go. One final word to the wise, be careful when naming your Public Groups.

The last thing you want is an angry subscriber on your case who’s just found out they are in a group called, “People We Don’t Like”…

Get in touch with me if you have any managing subscriber preferences questions!

Darren from NewZapp




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