iOS 10 update – What does it mean to me?

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How will the iOS 10 Update affect me?ipad-916394_640

On Tuesday 13th September, Apple made the iOS 10 update available for everybody to download, while it still has a few issues to be ironed out, it has been a success for Apple overall.

New features include being able to send hand written notes in messages, being able to delete stock Apple apps (No more Compass!), live photo editing and many more. You can find a list of features that they have included here (via Forbes) and some hidden features here (via RedmondPie).

As Email Marketers we have had a look at some of the new features and here are the ones we think that could potentially affect us the most.

The Mail app now has filters

The Mail app can now filter messages with a quick tap. When viewing the inbox, tap on the filter icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. The default filter is set to show you only unread messages. It is possible to change filters to many different categories.

How will this affect me?

This can help your open rates, making it a lot easier for users to see which emails are unread, can jog the subscribers memory about an email that they haven’t had time to read yet or have forgotten about.

iOS 10 Mail has its own section in Settingsios10settings

Before the update, iOS Mail shared a menu setting with the Calendar and Notes app but now the email app gets its very own space in the Settings. Now users can:

Adjust the number of lines they’d like to display for preview text

iOS 10 Mail displays two lines of preview text by default on iPhone 6 and three lines on iPhone 6 Plus and will probably be the same for the iPhone 7. In the Mail settings, users will have the chance to change the number of lines of preview text they would like to see by default. The most lines they can show is up to five lines but they are also able to disable preview text completely.

How will this affect me?

This means that Subject Lines are going to be even more important. They will need to be eye catching and intriguing making sure even if they have their preview text disabled the subject line will draw them to engage with the email.

Blocking images

Images on iOS 10 Mail are enabled by default, but users can change their settings to ios10downloadimagesblock images by default. If they have blocked images by default the user will see
a notification at the top of the email that lets them download the images once it has been opened.

How will this affect me?

Blocking images on mobile shouldn’t have a negative effect on open rates, a lot of inbox providers on desktop computers have this feature as a standard. The added safety for mobile users is a good thing.

Deleting the default Mail appios10remove1

With a significant amount of emails being opened on Apple’s mobile email app. The release of iOS 10 and being able to delete the mail app, this might change because users will have the option to switch to their favourite email app.

How will this affect me?

Ideally your emails will look as good on both iOS and other email apps, but it might be worth watching the opens to see if there is a major shift to a different email app. If there is a shift it might mean changing design and testing efforts towards other email clients.

Unsubscribe Link at the top of the email

iOS 10 now also adds a bar at the top of emails which informs the recipient if the email that they have received is from a mailing list. It also includes a link giving the recipient a link to easily unsubscribe. This is because Apple now supports the list-unsubscribe system (as does NewZapp).

ios 10 unsubscribeHow will this affect me?

Initially it seems like it will have a negative effect, but making it easy for the recipient to unsubscribe from the subscriber list is actually a good thing. If they want to unsubscribe from your list then they are most likely to be un-engaged which will be effecting your open rate. Having the unsubscribe button in an easily accessible place will also reduce the number of SPAM complaints that you receive, because it will be easier to unsubscribe than mark it as Junk/SPAM. Having less SPAM complaints will improve your deliverability rate. This new feature will also help cleanse your list so it is full of active and engaged subscribers which means your open and click percentages will increase.

Final thoughtsapplewatch

The iOS 10 update is a great update with a lot of new features for the user, if Apple manage to fix the current issues that have been happening most people will be looking to upgrade to the new system. It is also a good thing for Email Marketers with some new features helping to cleanse lists, easily remove unengaged recipients and having filters which will help improve open rates.

With technology constantly evolving and increasing productivity it is always useful to keep up to date and change your practices to get the most out of your marketing campaigns on all platforms.

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