How to SORT out your Email Marketing Part Two

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SORT out your email marketing

So, where were we?

In part one of How to SORT out your Email Marketing we tackled Spam and getting your emails Opened with good subject lines.

Part two today and we’ll be looking at the global impact mobile phones have had in Email Marketing and how important targeting is to get the best results.

Responsive & Targeting


How to SORT out your Email Marketing – Part Two.




We’ve got past the spam filter and our subject line was so awesome our subscriber has decided to open our email. Now we have to focus on User Experience

Your subscribers’ world has changed. A recent study claimed we’re on our mobile phone every 6 minutes. Checking it on average 150 times a day!

This begs the question. Does your Email Marketing campaign look good wherever it’s seen?

Are you using responsive HTML email templates? We need to make sure it’s responsive and it gets responses.

Why worry about mobile?

Why use mobile responsive templates


With the widespread acceptance of smart phones and tablets, proper mobile email design and rendering has become crucial to the success of your email marketing campaigns but finding a way to deliver an email that renders correctly in all screen sizes is a challenge.

Use a provider
I know, “wow, the email marketing provider suggests we should use an email marketing provider…” but we take care of all this fancy Dan coding for you, leaving you to focus on the message not the science.

How does it work?
The email adapts to the size of window it’s been viewed in automatically. Making sure it’s very easy to read and click on.

Mobile responsive email design


  • The header switched to a more mobile friendly one.
  • The content has stacked on top of itself, up and down is fine on a phone, left to right is a no no.
  • Images have scaled to fit
  • Text has got bigger so easier to read in a small window.

Why go to all this bother?

User Experience
iPhone continues to be popular, growing nearly 20% over the course of 2015 and it’s just as strong in 2016. Litmus tracked nearly 1 billion emails every month throughout 2015. iPhone, Gmail, and iPad remained the top 3 email clients all year, Android started off at #6 but rose to #4. Outlook dropped from #4 to #5.

Are you thinking about fat thumb syndrome?
Sounds like a joke, but it’s true! The average thumb can cover a large surface area on a phone. If your links are too close together the subscriber will end up on a page they didn’t want to be on.

End result? A shoulder shrug and you’ve lost them. Engagement rates improve when emails are optimised for mobile screen sizes. So we have to make sure our emails are mobile responsive.

email marketing user experience



Hitting the mark.
One of the most important elements of modern email marketing is relevancy. Targeting small segments of your data with specific marketing message will get more responses than the old fashioned “Spray & Pray” approach.

Getting your email opened and responded to starts with targeting. Why is it at the end of the blog? Well, it wouldn’t look right, How to TSOR your Email Marketing…

Know your subscribers.
I love Bon Jovi, this is a well know fact if you follow me on social media or have seen one of my talks.

Once upon a time I went to see THE GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD! (#sorry) at Ashton Gate, home of Bristol City FC.

As a consequence I ended up on their mailer. I started to receive emails about Bristol City FC, irrelevant to me, so I unsubscribed.

They should have asked how I supported and or sent me emails about other rock concerts coming up soon, not badger me about buying an away strip for a club I don’t support. Result – unsubscribed.

Gather everything you can about your subscribers, buying habits, family size, interests. Don’t be like Bristol City, find out what makes them go:

Darren Hepburn at Bon Jovi

Send specific emails to targeted people

No database is too small

Irrelevant is worse than often


How do I know find out what they like?
Another great question, we can use our email marketing reports for this. (More great reasons for using a provider…)

Say for arguments sake you have a database of 1000, you are a travel agent and you offer 4 holiday types.

Step one.
Send an email to all 1000. With the 4 holidays you offer. Cruise, city break, beach, skiing.

Step two.
Segment the people who click on city break. Next campaign send them 4 specific city offers. Barcelona, Milan, Rome, London. You’re already targeting like a pro!

Step three.
Segment the people who click on Rome. Next campaign send them an email just about Rome offers. The targeting pupil is now the master!

Step four.
Become an email marketing targeting legend! An email with a killer subject line of: “Hi Darren, fancy a weekend city break in Rome?”


You’ve sent a relevant & personal email into my inbox that stands out a mile.

Just like Cherie Richards from Global Group Travel did to me last week…

Very good Cherie… You got me 😉


How to SORT out your Email Marketing Part two!

That’s it for part two, thank you very much for reading this blog.  If you’ve any questions feel free to use the comments area below.

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