How to get the most out of your Google Analytics integration

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Using Google Analytics allows you to track in more depth the traffic your email marketing campaigns send to your website. You can then use this information to improve the quality of your landing pages and to recognise if, where, and why a subscriber drops off your website.

Method for adding Google Analytics to campaignsgoogle analytics integration
1. Go to your Settings tab (cog icon top right hand corner of any screen)
2. Choose Preferences from the dropdown menu.
3. Tick the Include Google Analytics check box and click the save button (top left of your screen)
4. Open the Create & Send tab and create a new email
5. Within the Email Details section add a Google Analytics Campaign Name. This can be any word or phrase, such as NewZapp email campaign, January newsletter, March sales email etc. but we recommend using a different Google Analytics Campaign Name for every campaign you send.

NewZapp will automatically add the Google Analytics Campaign Name as a query string to all your links on your email campaigns. When a subscriber follows these links to your website, your Google Analytics account will then automatically display this in your ‘Traffic Sources’ report.

In your NewZapp account you can also view your Analytics Funnel which shows page views, visits, goal starts and goal competitions (so long as you have these setup in your Google Analytics account). This can be found by going to the Track tab, opening the email campaign in question and then clicking Analytics. Please note you’ll need to be logged into your Google Analytics account for the data to display.

Best practice tips
• Create a new campaign name for each campaign you send so you can track the differences
between campaigns and landing pages.
• When testing, turn off Google Analytics in your settings to avoid diluting your results.
• Using descriptive links can improve your click through rate.

Google Analytics integration

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