Someone told me you’re the best in the business – getting customer quotes

Posted on July 9, 2014 at 9:55 am Written by
customer-quotesGet a quote and win more business, it’s that simple. Referrals and word of mouth have always been fantastic marketing tools. However, they can be hard to predict and even more difficult to control. That’s where customer quotes can help.

There’s nothing better than someone saying how great you are. It’s fairly simple to ask your customer to provide a quote. They’re extremely useful and with permission you can include them on your site, in your email campaigns, in press releases, and social networking.

Customer quotes will:

  • Bring credibility to your business
  • Showcase who uses you and why
  • Add user generated content to your marketing mix

The third point is especially important in the modern marketing environment. People are becoming increasingly interested in user generated content. Just look at the number of blogs, forums and communities now online. We suggest adding a customer quotes page to your site and ensure the quotes are easily found by prospective customers who are researching your products and services online.

Here are our top five tips for collecting customer quotes

Get ’em while they’re hot. 
Don’t wait too long before you ask for a quote. If you’re talking to a customer and they say something that would make a great quote, ask if you can use it. The same goes for snippets in an email or letter.

Add asking for a quote to your sales process. 
If you don’t you’ll only forget to do it. Ensure you ask everyone you can for a comment. You may need to automate this process. If you deal with a high volume of customers you can create a form online that they can fill in. You could drive them to this form using a thank you email with a link to provide a comment.

Consider offering an incentive to encourage your customer to provide a quote. 
This could be a voucher or additional services, or even just pointing out how their own profile will be promoted by appearing in your marketing.

Don’t be afraid to guide them. 
It’s inevitable that your customers will say very similar things about you, so you’re likely to get a repetition of comment along the lines of “I’d recommend company X to anyone looking for widgets”. So it’s important to guide your customers by asking for examples e.g. how they found your delivery service, or what it was that made you different to the competition?

Always get permission. 
It’s important to get permission to use the quote. Never quote someone without their knowledge. A simple approval form or email will help avoid any unwanted repercussions. Even if you need to make a small adjustment to the quote originally given (to correct the grammar, or to be able to fit the quote into a piece of marketing material for example) always check again that you have approval for the final version.

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