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Last week we released a new button in NewZapp. Very quietly and without any fanfare, the possibilities for filtering subscriber data took a massive leap.

You can now Export data from a Segment.

How is this a big deal please?

Well, the deal is that although we would LOVE to think that our darling customers only make a Segment when they want to send an email campaign – we know in reality what you actually LOVE is a nice juicy crafty hack!

Being able to Export from Segments is a means for you to mine all sorts of key data that you can use on-site in Groups or off-site for you own analysis.

In this blog we’ll give you a few ideas on reasons to use the option to Export from Segments.

While we’re here, shall we have a quick rewind on what segmentation is and how it differs from looking at static Subscriber data?

What is a Subscriber Segment?

It’s a set of perimeters (or filters) that don’t pigeon hole your subscribers by hard facts only (although it can if you like). A segment allows for changes over time.

Example: In my NewZapp Groups I might search my entire database of Subscribers based on a single filter, looking for Directors. With these results I then make a new Group. This Group can be updated in that I can manually move new Subscribers into it, one at a time, or import lists of Directors into the Group – but these are all manual processes.

If I instead create a Segment that looks up Directors in my database, what I’m now doing is saving the dymanic filter that looks for Directors, not saving the Subscribers themselves.

Today my Segment contains 2975 Subscribers, but in another minute/hour/day/month my Segment could contain any number, no matter where or how new Subscribers met the filter of having Director in their job title. I’ve cut down on time needed to maintain a category of Subscribers who I want to email on a regular basis.

Can a Segment be based on more than just facts?


The filters available in NewZapp Groups are mostly based on data you have saved – such as their company name, date of birth, postcode or shoe size!

The dynamic filters available in NewZapp Segments are based on data you have saved AND behaviour – both your behaviour and your Subscribers’ behaviour.

Your behaviour:

Have I sent (or not sent) any emails to a Subscriber?

Have I sent (or not sent) a particular email campaign to a Subscriber?

…in any given time frame.

Subscriber behaviour:

Have they opened (or not opened), clicked (or not clicked), any email (or a particular email ) I sent them?

Have they opened (or not opened) a particular email I sent them?

…in any given time frame.

Time for my favourite part of a blog, the in-system pics

I’ll use User Stories to set the scene for each one.

1. As a User I made a Segment last month to send a re-engagement email
I wanted to send this email to Subscribers who had been added to my account more than 6 months ago and hadn’t opened an email from me in the past 12 months.  This has helped engage some Subscribers back into the fold so the numbers in my Segment are smaller than they were but it’s time for me to remove these Subscribers from my account, they’re not doing my open rates any good!

My dynamic filter could be like this. Excluding anyone added to my account in the past 6 months, who hasn’t opened ANY email from me in the past year…

Dynamic filter based on email opening behaviour

or to be more precise, anyone who hasn’t opened the re-engagement email that I sent out a month ago, as I had already filtered out recently added subscribers for that campaign…

Dynamic filter based on a particular past campaign

This data exported can be used for a number of purposes including import into a new Group for the sole purpose of ring fencing them before removing them my account.

2. As a User I need to provide my sales team with warm leads
If I rate a “warm” lead in terms of = A clicked email which hasn’t resulted in an online enquiry or sale, then I want know who these contacts are so that my sales team can make a courtesy call. (Yeah i know, we’d love to think we can can survive on email only! But telephone calls are still a key part of most sales teams).

My dynamic filter could be like this. Looking for anyone who clicked on the campaign I have in mind:

Clicked on a particular campaign

or to be more precise for regional teams, I could bring in a data tag to be more specific like so:

Clicked a particular campaign and is based in a particular location

3. As a User I want to know who’s slipping through the net 
My campaigns are sent based on Groups and Segments, carefully defined with data I export from CRM into my account. But am I being too meticulous and does this mean that gaps in my CRM are letting Subscribers slip through the net without any contact from me? If i know this I can make a Group and send to these Subscribers asking them to tell us more about their email preferences. I need to ask them, what type of emails would you like to receive?

or if I want to narrow this down to a particular type of Subscriber, maybe a type that I define with a custom data tag. If my numbers match like this pairing, and they shouldn’t do, then I need to check my sending criteria:

How manhy VIP's have I not sent an email to in the last 60 days

Or just go ahead and save this as a Segment to send a campaign to.

Something to bear in mind with this and any “negative” filter is that some of the results may include suppressed subscribers (but NewZapp safeguards me from sending emails to these subscribers and the exported data will state if a Subscriber is suppressed in one of the columns of data).




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