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Laura-Brown-Facebook-ReachQueen of social media, Laura Brown is the Owner and Managing Director of Introtweet. Laura lives and breathes all things social media and can always be found networking on Twitter or playing away on the piano. Below she shares with us the best way to increase your reach on Facebook.

Over the past few months I have seen many businesses commenting about their struggles with their Facebook Business Page & Facebook Reach. I have also seen lots of business pages talking in ‘code’ for words like Buy, Sell, Shop, ETSY to avoid Facebook showing your posts to less people (by the way you don’t need to do this… read on to find out why!).

I have done a lot of research on this subject and thrown in some of my expert advice and opinions to provide a guide to clear-up all the rumours & confusion. Hopefully then you can get back to what you do best, making your products & delivering your services, rather than worrying about Facebook’s latest updates! Along with tips to ensure you get the most out of Facebook, this guide will also make suggestions that maybe now is the time to branch across to other social media sites. If Facebook is really not working for your business any longer and your insights, website traffic and interaction prove this – maybe it is time to change! Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+ could be much more beneficial to your business.

Firstly, before explaining how to increase your reach & Facebook success, I want to just clear up some frustration that many of you will be feeling towards Facebook and their continuous updates and reassure you that Facebook Pages are still high on their priority list. Here is a quote from Facebook very recently…

“…it’s important to note that Facebook is increasing its investment in Pages. Given the substantial traffic to Pages, we are exploring ways to build more features into Pages.” – Facebook

So, how can you ensure your Facebook page gets its fair share of visitors and your posts are actually shown to those who have chosen to like your page? Read on!

Why is Facebook Reach declining?

  1. More and more content is being shared and created every day; this means that as a direct result the reach of your posts will decline. Facebook can’t show all of your posts to everyone – more than 15,000 stories already appear in the average users newsfeed per day!
  2. Facebook’s newsfeed is designed to show your content to those who will find your status most relevant. Therefore, all of your likers will not see all of your posts.

“When people see content that’s relevant to them, they’re more likely to be engaged with the News Feed…”
– Facebook

How to Increase your Reach – 13 ideas!

  1. Structure your Facebook activity to ensure you are consistent in the quality of posts you provide. Your likers will come to expect what type of posts you share and what kind of information/message you are trying to convey – this will increase engagement.
  2. Schedule posts for when most of your audience is online. You can use your Facebook insights to tell you this.
  3. Create targeted statuses that show personality and tell the story behind your business. Be relatable, unique & personable.
  4. Target your posts to specific age groups, genders, location, relationship status etc. Go into Settings at the top of your page & click allow ‘Post Targeting and Privacy’. Now when you create a new post on your page you will be able to target a set group of people. Experiment a little, then make sure you keep a note of which targeted group is the most successful… and keep using it!
  5. Respond quickly to comments on your page so your likers know you are listening to their feedback and questions. Ensure your audience feel valued.
  6. Keep images and statuses fresh – the more recent your post the more interesting your likers will find them. Be inventive!
  7. ‘Boost’ important and successful posts to a specific targeted group based on age, gender and interests. Make a note of what works!
  8. Keep your sentences short and instructive – add a call to action to inform why they should be paying attention to your page! It’s human nature to respond!
  9. Avoid overly promotion posts – instead use phrases such as “I am so excited to share this with you, it’s been a work in progress for ages…” – *Important* – this only applies to organic posts. A targeted advert appearing in your newsfeed for a product or service that you are in the market for is actually really useful! Also, as long as you don’t overly push a particular promotion or product in your status there is no need to use code words for shop/buy/Etsy etc, I promise!
  10. Use eye catching images and graphics in your post. Canva is a great tool for this!
  11. Ask questions to increase the likelihood of a response on your business page.
  12. Use video as part of your Facebook Marketing strategy – this is the most popular way to engage on Facebook.
  13. Experiment with posting at non-peak times – more people will see your posts as less content is in the newsfeed! Give it a go and see how successful it is for your business.

For more guides & social media tips be sure to visit Laura’s website and download her free social media ebook!

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