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Posted on November 29, 2013 at 10:57 am Written by

Our development team have been at it again and this week they’ve released a truly amazing upgrade that will
change how we import our contacts into NewZapp forever, we call it Express Import.

NewZapp Express Import
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We’ve all done it, written our email first then trundled off to find our Excel file second. Now we have to sit and wait, not always patiently, for our subscribers to be imported.

Like a kettle that we can’t help watch saying ‘are you ever going to boil?’ importing subscribers can take ages, especially if there are lots of them!

In NewZapp’s defence, it’s a lot to do, uploading, updating and checking records takes time and you wouldn’t want to send to someone who’s previously unsubscribed. Now, your subscriber tab, has something different under the bonnet…

Express Import

If your Excel file follows a few simple rules your subscribers will be added using our Express Import. Perfect for large databases or if you’re in a hurry! Express Import will add your contacts up to 10 times quicker than the standard import queue.
The Excel file (.CSV is recommended) must contain no more than 4 columns. One of these has to be Email Address, the others can be a combination of Title, First Name and Last Name. For Example:
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 Inside your NewZapp account, during the import, you’ll be asked to match the column headings, if they go green, the file will be added using Express Import.
All Green? Go for Express Import!
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If they go yellow, the file will be added using the standard import queue
Column not one of the Fantastic Four? Standard import time!
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Time to hand it over to our tamed subscriber importer.

Some say he’s uploaded more Excel files than you’ve had hot dinners and that he’s got the same tattoo on his arm as rock legend Jon Bon Jovi. All we know is…. well, it’s me.
I’ve got an Excel file with 10’000 email addresses, first names and last names. It’s time to see how Express Import compares to standard without a developer watching me, back in a tick…
Standard Import, you did it in…….. 27 minutes 33 seconds.
Express Import, same file, same conditions, you did it in….. 3 minutes 4 seconds.
We have a new leader!

So what does that all mean?

With import times like these large database headaches will be a thing of the past, millions of email records can be imported and sent to in the same day. Small databases will be added in the time it takes to refresh your screen and managing targeted groups will take minutes rather than hours.

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