11 lessons football can teach us about email marketing.

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11 lessons football can teach us about email marketing.

11-things-footballAre we ready?

Sweepstakes done? Sick notes written? It’s time for weeks of pretending to work whilst watching the football, mouse ready to close window whenever the boss floats across the room!

Before we get deep into the crushing disappointment of another England failure or get carried away in plucky underdog Welsh / Irish romance, lets take a look at what football can teach us in our Euro 2016 Email Marketing Blog.

Tenuous link? Yes, I’ll give you that… But I’m following the advice from our big number 10 up front!

11 football email marketing tips


Some people are on the blog, they think it’s all over… And they would be right! Thank you for giving it 110%  and not making any schoolboy errors. It was a game of two halves but we made it in the end. We’d have been sick as a parrot if we hadn’t.

As a reward, here’s a little something special to remind us when England dared us to believe!

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