Email Marketing and Tattoos?

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Is choosing an email marketing provider the same as getting a tattoo?

This week I got another addition to my body art collection. While sitting there for 7 hours getting my skin pierced by a needle, I started thinking about how getting a tattoo and email marketing relate to each other. You wouldn’t think that they have much in common but here is what I was thinking.

Is it what you want to do?

The first step is thinking if you want a tattoo. It is the same if you think that email marketing is what you want to do. You don’t want to get into email marketing just because everyone else is doing it.   

Take into some considerations. Will I be able to set aside time to design and produce content? Will I be able to continually make it interesting and engaging? Can I sell products using this method?

Will I be able to afford it within your budget? Similar to being tattooed don’t rush into decisions for the wrong reasons. You don’t want any regrets.


Where to start

Choosing a tattooist or email marketing provider can be a similar process. There are lots of different people/providers you can go with.

Make sure you do you a significant amount of research before going ahead with it. Providers, like tattooists will have strengths and weaknesses. Ensure you are choosing the right one for your needs.

Want automation? CRM integration? Design flexibility? Need all the bells and whistles? Make sure that it is possible first.

You wouldn’t expect a tattooist to be great at portraits when they specialise in caricatures. Have a look at customer testimonials and previous work they have produced, this will give you an indication of what your experience will be if you go with that company.

Cost should not be a deciding factor. You get what you pay for and if you want the best software with all the features you should be willing to pay for it.



Now you’ve decided you want to go ahead and who you want to go with. What’s next? The design. What kind of emails are you looking to send, will it be newsletters, information, offers?

Make sure you are building the emails for a specific purpose and not mish mashing things together. You want emails that fit with your brand, if you are an upbeat and colourful brand, don’t make your emails boring and plain.

It is ok to take inspiration from other people, have a look at designs you like and designs you don’t. Include the bits you like and leave out the parts you don’t.



What will be the content of your email? Are you looking to take the subscriber on a journey or just send out quick emails? This would be the difference of having a small tattoo and a full sleeve.

If you are sending one time emails, you will be able to get them done fairly quickly. If you are looking to take subscribers on a journey, a lot more thought needs to be put into the content. You will need to build up the information gradually until it reaches that final email where they take the action you want them to.

Planning is key, you want the emails to be in a sequence rather than coming out at different times. Good planning means a good email campaign. Remember to proof read, like tattoos emails are permanent and there is no way to recover sent emails that have spelling errors.


Pressing the button

Once you’ve got your provider, design and content, you are ready to send. Hitting that send button can make you nervous but it gets easier each time you do it (like being tattooed).



What happens after the send is also just as important as the initial steps. If you do not look after your tattoo once it has been finished you can run into problems, the tattoo might not heal correctly or even get infections. It is the same with your campaigns.

Take the time to look at your reports, analyse opens and clicks to make sure everything is running smoothly and getting the results you want.

Remove hard bounces and keep your list as clean as possible. Small issues now can cause big problems in the future.


Let me know what you think about tattoos and email marketing.


I’ll show you my new tattoo, you show me yours.

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