Email Marketing Do’s

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Email Marketing Do’s

After the depressing Don’ts, here are some delightful Do’s.

Email marketing has a lot of information on what you should and shouldn’t be doing. In my last post I provided some Don’ts, that I like to follow. Here are a few of my favourite Do’s, that I follow when email marketing.

Do segment your database

Have separate lists for the different types of information you provide. Subscribers that have registered to receive info on football, don’t want to receive info on cycling. Subscribers are not going to engage with emails that they aren’t interested in. This will show in your open and click rates.

Segmenting your database will help with the content of the email. You will not need to create a massive email with all topics included. You can build a few smaller emails with relevant information.

Segmentation will help you deliver the right message to the right subscriber.


Do have a clear Call to Action

Having a clear Call to Action ensures subscribers take the action that you want them to. Readers need to embark on a journey, not having a call to action cuts the journey short and leaves them thinking “what now”.

Too many calls to action and subscribers can get overwhelmed. Keep it simple by having one call to action. If you must have extra, make additional CTAs look different, change the weighting, colour and different placement.

Avoid using “click here” as text links, these can get lost in the copy of the email and does not tell the subscriber what needs to be done. Make the link descriptive, visible and attractive. This draws subscribers into clicking.


Do personalise your emails

Getting personal increases customer engagement and fits perfectly with segmenting your database.

Adding “Dear [firstname]” in the subject line is the beginning. Personalise content that is being sent. Tailor emails to match their customer persona. When selling a product you tailor the benefits to that group, emails should do the same.

I have seen some companies do this superbly. One company sends different content on your gender. If you’re a male you receive men’s products with a blue background and females receive an email with a pink background with a separate set of products. This cuts out emails delivered to people who won’t open them.


Do analyse your email marketing

Take time and look at your results. Your email marketing needs to continuously improve and looking at the stats of campaigns will give you an indication if it is. Low open rates? Try changing the subject line. High bounce rates? Delete hard bounces and invalid email addresses. Keeping an eye on your reports will help you take care of problems before they get too big.

I like to monitor the click-through rate, bounce rate, list growth rate, conversion rate and the overall ROI.


Do experiment

Emails no longer have to be plain text and I can’t think of anything worse than receiving a plain email full of text. Subscribers receive a lot of emails in one day, so it is essential emails are eye-catching and grabs their attention. Try including different elements that have not used before, introduce moving images, videos, different colour the text. Anything to stand out in a crowded inbox.

You may find that your new changes, improves customer engagement. It doesn’t have to stop with content. Experiment with different subject lines, who the email is from, email frequency and keep a record of your results before and after the changes.

If you see your results getting better, keep going.


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