Cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word

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Back in the day, when I was a fresh faced email marketer filled with hopes and dreams, we only had Outlook 2003, Hotmail or Yahoo to worry about. Life was good, emails looked great, everything was rosy in the garden.

Then things changed….

Microsoft launched Office 2007 and with it came the nightmare that still haunts Email Marketing companies and customers alike, cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word.

In a nutshell, HTML code and Microsoft Word just don’t get along, fact. Whilst your email looks fine and dandy to the naked eye, behind the scenes it’s a turf war to decide how the email you’ve crafted will look once delivered. Will it be ‘Arial’ and black like it looks or ‘Times New Roman’ and blue in the inbox? There are even websites dedicated to this turf war like a place for all email designers to vent our frustrations!

The Solution

For years the question to the eternal support query of “why does it look different?” has been “did you cut and paste this content from anywhere?” now NewZapp will ask a different question when you hover over the CTRL + V keys (or right mouse click), “Paste as plain text?”

Click to enlarge
(screenshot from Google Chrome)

Clicking ‘OK’ adds your copy to the editable area as clean as a whistle, regardless of where it came from. Yes, that means you CAN cut and paste from Microsoft Word, Websites, PowerPoint and Excel if you like, as long as you click yes here, the garden will once again be rosy!

Click ‘Allow access’ to paste in the copy
(Internet Explorer only)

Internet Explorer will ask you for permission to access your clipboard, this is perfectly fine so select ‘allow access’. You will only have to click this once per login.

What if I want to add HTML code?

For Email Marketers who want to cut and paste complete HTML, on the first dialogue screen select ‘Cancel’. This will present you with the following option:
Click to enlarge
(Screenshot from Google Chrome)

Selecting ‘OK’ here will add the entire contents of your current clipboard. Text, code, HTML, the works.

By checking the ‘Prevent this page from creating additional dialogues’  box you will paste as HTML every-time you click ‘Cancel’ on the first dialogue during this login period.
So in conclusion, the NewZapp rebels are fighting back against the Microsoft Word empire. Your account is joining the fight in stopping your emails looking different in inbox’s by blocking unwanted font code.
This new feature means you can now cut and paste from Microsoft Word (I know, that’s CRAZY! It’s like being told it’s now OK to stick your fingers in a fire*) and not have to worry about odd fonts creeping into the bosses email! R.I.P notepad, you were a great servant, but it’s time to move on…
*Please do not stick your fingers in a fire, that will still really hurt and not give you any dialogue warnings before hand.

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