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Emails for Automation

The recent addition to NewZapp is the Automation feature which works on a trigger and action basis.

Once you have produced an automation series, emails are automatically sent to subscribers when their actions match a particular trigger. Triggers include actions, dates, or even when subscribers interact with a previous email.

Including automation into your marketing strategy has a lot of benefits. The new feature will save you a lot of time and as they say “time is money”. Automated emails produce unbelievable engagement rates, some of the best engagement rates come from welcome emails. It will help qualify your leads. Subscribers consistently engaging with your email series, it is likely they have an interest in what you have to say.

Thinking of what automation series you should implement? Below are a few ideas you can try.


Welcome email

I feel everybody should have a welcome email constructed and ready to send to new subscribers. Some companies report a 50% and higher open rate, it is crucial to include one.

When a new subscribers sign up to your list, welcome them to the community, give a brief introduction of yourself and what they can expect from the emails that you send. First impressions are important and will set the tone for future emails.


Birthday email

A popular option is the Birthday email. It is nice when you are made to feel special on your birthday.
Companies offer special birthday deals, money off, free delivery, etc. Even if you haven’t got offers to give, I believe the sentiment of wishing a person happy birthday shows that you care about them, which will only strengthen the bond between you and your subscribers.


Milestone emails

Has a subscriber received your emails for a week, a month or years? Tell them you appreciate them.

A thank you note will go a long way.


Email course

Offer an email course, this can be a few emails (lessons) on a topic that is relevant to your company. This can be a highly effective way to engage subscribers and educate them on your products and how it can benefit them.


Seasonal emails

Make sure you are not forgetting those important national days. With automation, you can set emails up months in advance instead of hastily producing emails at the last minute.


Reminder emails

Sometimes subscribers are forgetful and sending out a reminder will ensure they don’t miss important appointments or events. Include any relevant information that they will need or even consequences that might happen if they miss their appointment.

Lead nurturing emails

If you have a few leads that you would like to convert, create a new series of emails that can convert them. Create emails that follow on from each other that describe the benefits of your products or services and why they should choose you. This will break the information down into a few easy to read emails, instead of having one huge email.


Give it a go, set up a few Automation series and let me know how you get on.


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