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“OMG I never knew you could do that”

cpd certified training

When running one of our CPD Certified Training sessions – this is the reaction I’m looking for!

It’s catnip to a trainer, the moment pens start writing down what you’ve just said and broad smiles appear on faces. It happens every session I run and doesn’t get any better!

That dawning realisation that hours of editing is going to be saved. Open rates are going to improve and click rates are going to go through the roof.

“We all would recommend this training to our colleagues. It has opened up a wide world of opportunities for us to share messages across Network Rail to improve engagement and strengthen relationships!”

Network Rail – South East Route

Solving Your Bugbears

Use any piece of software long enough and you’ll probably find an itch you just can’t scratch as a result. An issue you can’t find a solution for that frustrates the hell out of you!

Our training modules follow a structure to ensure maximum benefit but there’s always time to fix unique issues & queries.

During a training day last week, some participants had been using NewZapp for years and some had only sent a few messages. I knew there would be something for everyone in the modules we’ve created whilst crucially resolving their specific problems.

newzapp training


CPD Certified Training for your organisation

CPD certified

Continual employee training is a crucial part of every organisation. Helping improve skills and deliver maximum benefit at every level. All training needs to be engaging, informative, enjoyable and memorable.

By investing in your employees, you are above all investing in the future skills of your teams and ensuring you can get the best from them.

We recognise the importance of personal development plans and the value that properly structured CPD training programmes bring to an organisation.

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