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Posted on January 6, 2016 at 9:43 am Written by

I have some very good intentions for 2016.

New year, new resolutions, new me, new healthy eating regime, new gym membership, new hopes of getting into jeans not worn since 1998…. plus many other more professional achievements of course!

First week back in the office, and next on the ‘To Do’ list is: “Write a blog about email marketing strategies and goals for 2016 that our readers can aspire to”.

But then I got distracted (not unusual) by a tweet.

Fatal mistake you might say, but then again maybe a bit of fun for those of you who’d also like to be distracted from your ‘To Do’ list!

The distraction was a website new to me, called and one to add to your favourites. The site offers colour palettes in an easily browsable format with clearly labelled hex values (the type of on-screen colour value that we use in HTML emails and that you can enter in the NewZapp email editor). If you’ve ever struggled or spent a lot of time looking for the right shades of colour to compliment the tones and shades of your leading image(s), this will be a big help!

The novelty for me is that you can upload an image and the site then works out a complimentary colour palette, really handy when you want to find just the right shade or tone of a colour for text or background colours to match.

Just like I did with the ‘Be a have a go hero‘ blog, I picked a photo from my phone to try the site out:

I uploaded the image into my NewZapp account…

Image cropping

applied the ‘Lucky’ filter effect to give the image more contrast…

Image cropping

and then cropped to the proportions I wanted

Image cropping

As I dropped a copy of the image into the ColorFavs website, it calculated a colour palette based on its shades and tones:
Image cropping
Image cropping
I now have a core set of 5 colours that will compliment my image:


Plus some other suggested colours all of which will work as solid/background colours or as text colours:



So where was I, strategies for 2016?   Less resolutions (and biscuits), that’d be a good start!

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