Click Rates and How to Improve Them

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Click rates

Another staple of the email KPI are click rates or click through rates. A click is recorded as a subscriber who has clicked on a link in an email they have received. The click through rate is calculated by the number of unique subscribers that click on one or more links in your e-mail divided by the number of total tracked opens, which is normally expressed as a percentage. 4 clicks and 20 opens will mean you have a 20% click through rate.


Click through rates are a good indicator that the content you have provided is interesting, engaging and relevant to the subscriber. There is not one specific benchmark figure that your click rate should be. There could be a number of variables which are effecting them.

Similar to open rates, you can improve your click rates by targeting specific content to segmented lists. Here are a few other ways you can give your clicks a boost.

Include more links

Be sure to include numerous links to the same content in the email. Embed links into the images, headers and anywhere else subscribers may want to click to find out more. By including more links, it will increase the chances of a subscriber clicking on a link.

Avoid using basic phrases like “click here” as click through text. Make your link text descriptive and clear, and it links to the relevant page on your website. If you are referencing a particular piece of information or service, make sure the link takes the subscriber directly to that webpage and not your homepage. Try using click now buttons instead of plain text. NewZapp have a few buttons which you could include in your email here.


Create some curiosity

Use an information gap to appeal to the sense of curiosity of the subscriber. Creating some curiosity will increase your click through rates because the subscriber will want to find out that last bit of information. Make the subscriber feel like they are missing out on something valuable or interesting if they don’t click through.

Email content

When creating your email content, make sure you are giving your email a purpose and have a clear reason why your subscriber has to click on the link. Establish one clear message with a clear call to action. This will be more likely to engage the subscriber and encourage clicks. Try to keep text to a minimum, subscribers often do no not have enough time to read through multiple lines of text and if they want to read more they can always click on the link.


Mobile responsive

Make sure that you are creating emails that work well on mobile devices. Some studies show that between 60%-70% of emails are first opened on mobile devices. Because of this make sure your email loads quickly and is easy to read on mobile devices. If not, subscribers may instantly delete your emails as it is not easy to read or navigate. Having clear link buttons on emails work well on mobile devices as they stand out more than text.


Social media sharing

Include social media sharing options in your email. This would be useful for emails that may not be of use to the subscriber right now, but they could have followers or friends who may be able to benefit from the email.

Final thoughts

Click rates are a key metric to look at when assessing the effectiveness of your campaign. A high click-through rate generally means a good email campaign has been sent out. Even if you do not have a high click-through rate this does not necessarily mean the campaign was bad, just a few changes may be needed for future campaigns.

Remember to make time to go over your reports and test your campaigns to get the best out of them.

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