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Because we all need a little inspiration from time to time.

The adventure starts hereFresh on the heels of the release of Automation we’re delighted to be launching yet another fantastic update to all accounts today.

As well as creating bespoke designs, we’ve always prided ourselves on providing our users with a selection of flexible templates to pick from when making their own email campaigns – and this selection just got a whole lot bigger!

Our very talented designers have built over 30 (yes 30!) brand new and original template designs to add to the collection. Not only that, we’ve also incorporated  a new search facility that allows you to search by keyword to help you find the best template for the job.

And so that you can make a campaign for any season at any time of the year, we’ve merged the Seasonal tab into the Themed area (perfect for planning ahead with Automated campaigns).

This update takes the range of free templates over the 100 mark!

Every account now includes:

  • A new collection of over 30 new look Themed templates in addition to the current selection
  • A wide range of layout options
  • All containing brand new royalty free images
  • Drag & Drop flexibility
  • Designs which can be changed in colour to match your brand
  • The ability to search templates by keyword(s)
  • Keywords added to the Basic collection to help pick the best one
  • Auto generation of template thumbnails when uploading your own HTML

Planning for Automation? This update makes life a whole lot easier!

Welcome emails…  more of which here!

Welcome emails
Birthday, thank you and offer emails

Retail emails
Swanky corporate looking emails

Legal emails

Hope you have as much fun trying out the new templates as we’ve had planning and making them. Watch out for more to come as we keep growing the collection.

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