Benefits of email marketing for both sender and recipient

Posted on June 12, 2014 at 9:00 am Written by

The benefits of email marketing are not to be underestimated. Email is one of the most personal, dynamic, interactive and cost-effective communication tools for marketing. Email marketing now leads direct mail in terms of volume and the benefits are widely recognised. However, very few marketers recognise how beneficial email can be for the recipient. In this article we’ll look at both sides, benefits for the sender and for the recipient.

Email is considered by most marketers to be a low cost, flexible and efficient marketing channel. It’s also well known to provide excellent return on investment. In fact, permission based email marketing can achieve up to 5 times greater response than direct mail. Add to this, email’s ability to drive traffic directly to your website, build your brand, promote your business and develop relationships. It’s not surprising so many businesses are using email in their marketing campaigns.

It’s not only the marketer that reaps the rewards. The number of consumers opting in to receive emails is on the rise. But what’s in it for them?

The modern consumer uses email for work and personal communication. They want to be the first to know about offers and product news. Especially from businesses they have already purchased from. Email provides them with an interactive, easy to access and controllable communication channel.

Control is key for the modern consumer. They want to choose what they receive and when they receive it. With email they have this control. At the point of opting in, a company can easily offer the consumer choice. When an email arrives in the inbox, the recipient can control opening, clicking and opting out. They can also easily share emails with friends, colleagues and family. All this at the click of a button. No hassle, no waste and maximum control.

With email the consumer can receive an engaging and personalised service. The marketer has flexibility, speed of delivery and return on investment. These mutual benefits for both marketer and consumer help to ensure that your business can compete in the modern, fast paced marketing environment where consumers are more informed and confident than ever before.

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