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Email course

An email course are emails sent out in chronological order. The purpose of the emails are to be informative and provide value to your subscriber.

Using an email course is a good idea when you have too much information to provide and can’t fit it all into a single email. Build a relationship with your subscribers. Show off your best features, provide advice and show how you can benefit them.


Benefits of an email course

Having an email course can benefit your company. Courses generally will produce high engagement rates. This is because the subscriber is on a journey and if it catches their interest, it is easier to hold it until the end. It can also help with lead qualification. A subscriber that has opened all the emails and clicked on the content is interested. Saves time, instead of pushing your subscribers through the stages, Automation will do this for you. You can also add triggers to the email, if a customer didn’t open the email they won’t receive the next one until they do open it. You can up-sell your products. Interested subscribers are more likely to engage in other courses.

email course plan

Plan your course

The first step is to organise and plan the course. Decide what you want to provide and the duration.

The subscriber needs to go on a journey, the first email will need to set the scene, include the problem and what they can expect from the course. After the initial email follow on with the relevant information. This is an important stage of the email course. Deliver quality information to keep your subscribers engaged throughout the whole course. The final email will provide your subscribers with a call to action.

email course content

What to include

Remember to make you content beneficial to benefit you and your subscribers. Content of the email will be dependent on your goal of course. Trying to sell your product? Show how your company can solve their problem. Providing information? Make it informative and give out a few tips but don’t give out all your secrets.

Timing will also depend on the content. If you are providing actionable content, you will need to give the subscriber enough time to put in place these changes and see the results. Providing information? The gap between emails can be shorter, but subscribers will need time to process the information.

The penultimate email in the series should connect your product or service with the information you have provided.  Include customer testimonials and other benefits that your company provide. This will build some trust with your subscribers. Include a clear call to action describing what the subscriber needs to do next. If they need to contact you, buy the item or need to get more information, make it clear.

In the final email, repeat your offer. If you want to incentivise the subscriber to buy, include a special limited time offer or something that will drive them to buy from you. You can also include other courses you provide, or different topics that subscribers have an interest in.

Should you create one?

Yes! The email course is another feather in the email marketing bow.

Email marketing is a lot more than sending a newsletter every now and again. Adding an email course would be beneficial for your company and your subscribers.

If you have set up an email course add me to it. I would love to see what you have created.

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