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Birthday emails

The one occasion that everybody can relate to is a Birthday. Some people love it, some people hate it. The closer I get to the big 30, the less I enjoy them! I might not enjoy them but I do enjoy receiving birthday greetings, it is nice to feel special on your special day.

Birthday emails can produce higher open and click rates, in comparison to the regular emails that you send. This is because they are personal and segmented. The increased engagement will also improve the transaction rate and increase revenue per email.

Different companies wish you a Happy Birthday in different ways. Some will offer special deals, they could offer some money off or free delivery. That doesn’t mean you have to. Wishing a subscriber good wishes on their birthday shows you care about them. This strengthens the bond between you and your subscribers.


What to include

Remember this email is about your subscriber. Don’t be on a mission to sell. Keep it short and have a clear call to action.

Include some personalisation. Emails with subject lines that include first name personalisation have, 17 percent higher unique open rate. Don’t be generic, Happy Birthday Josh looks a lot more appealing than Happy Birthday.

Include a present. Everybody loves receiving a present on their birthday, include one in your email. You can provide the Birthday girl or boy a voucher for free delivery, 20% off there next purchase, offer them some free content from your website, the possibilities are endless. Don’t include offers that you normall run. If you offer a subscriber the same offer you run every month, it won’t make them feel special.

Make it look nice. Keep your brand guidelines in mind but make sure the email looks good. Try using moving images, bright and colourful text anything to make it stand out. Remember you want your email to stand out from the other birthday emails they will receive.


Time to send

The email needs to be sent on the birthday of your subscriber. How about sending a series of emails?

Birthdays are a busy time for your subscriber, the events that surround birthdays can lead to them forgetting about the birthday email you have sent. Send an email before the big day, send a one on the day and send one after the big day. This will give them reminders not to forget about the offer you have provided.



You need to have the relevant data and it needs to be correct. The campaigns will not work unless, dates are attributed to your subscribers.

It is possible to send out email campaigns asking for this data. I have recently received an email from a company asking for this data. I like the company and the emails that they send, so was more than happy to give my information.

Remember to get it in the correct format, 10/07/1999 is a completely different date in some countries.

What are you waiting for?

There are a lot of benefits having a Birthday email. They are an effective way to strengthen relationships with your subscribers and increase engagement.

It doesn’t take that long to set up a these emails within NewZapp, here are some instructions to help you.

Josh from NewZapp   @JoshNewZapp Josh Pinto. Support legend – Likes a Birthday

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