Adding emojis to your email’s subject line ♥

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As well as not being able to resist a smiley face in my day to day email comms (soz, lol, etc!) adding emojis to email subject lines is also proving to be very popular.

Should you?

Emojis are a little bit marmite to be honest [ the sound you hear 1:12 into this experiment being a typical reaction! ]

You either heart them or you loathe the little things.

Whilst they do display in most email applications, exactly how emojis look in the inbox is a bit of a mixed bag. By that I mean that some handle the little pictures in a cuter way than others!

Emojis in my iOS inbox
Emojis in other inboxes

Similarly you’ll get more colourful icons in your Gmail inbox than you will in Outlook 2013. I ran a test send to our Litmus account and you can view the results here, but the most popular readers that don’t play ball are:

  • Outlook 2003 & Lotus Notes – a bit fat FAIL
  • Outlook 2007 – patchy results, depends how quirky your emojis are (in my test a heart is a widely used symbol and works, but kitty, fido & gang are not supported).


Outlook 2106 behaving very nicely on Mac! Click to see more results

Would you?

A quick look at your Campaign stats will help you decide whether the majority of your recipients are going to see the emojis, according to whether they open your emails on an “older” version of desktop Outlook or not. This kind of data (found on the Clients tab on your NewZapp account in the Track section) is something I’d recommend using to set up two groups or segments for sending.

As an example, whilst some recipients might still be opening your campaign in Outlook 2007 as well as on their iPhone, just knowing that they do open it in Outlook 2007 might warrant sending them a different email without emojis in the subject line.

Oh, and to play safe we’d recommend only using emojis as decoration and not relying on them to make a sentence work.

Could you?

If you feel that emojis strike the right tone for your audience, or you just want to add a bit of humour and trend to your next email campaign, there you can now add them using your NewZapp account really simply:

  1. Look up the emoji that you want to use online* and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl+C)
  2. Open the email campaign in your NewZapp account and paste the emoji (Ctrl+V) into the Subject Line field on the campaign’s Email Details pane.
    Right away you’ll notice the browser you’re using to login to your account, affecting how emojis look (see shots below)
  3. The golden rule always applies, yes you know it… SEND YOURSELF A TEST!  🙂
NewZapp Email Details pane in Chrome
NewZapp Email Details pane in Firefox
NewZapp Email Details pane in Internet Explorer

*You should find various sites online with cheat sheets for you to copy from. What you’re looking for is one that gives you the actual emoji and not emoji code (such as :smiley:) as those are for web pages and not what we’re looking for.

One of the best we’ve found is emojipedia where you can search by free text, category, most popular, seasonal events and more. Each emoji is shown in all the different styles you can expect according to email application or browser, ready for you to click the ‘Copy’ button and paste into your subject line.

I know not everyone will be as excited as I am about pet related emails, but hope this adds a bit of fun to your next campaign!


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