8 tips to boost email open rates

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One of the most common questions we get asked is “how can I boost my email open rates?”. Well, in this article we are going to look at some of the ways you can do just that.

Now one thing I haven’t mentioned as a tip is to test, test and test again – this is for the pure fact that every group of subscribers will be different, so treat them as such. By testing different types of subject lines over a period of say, 2-3 months, you can see which email campaigns you have sent have the best open rates. Then you should have more of an idea on what works best for your own subscribers.

Keep growing your list
I know this article is focusing on boosting your open rates but you can’t forget to keep promoting your list and trying to increase your subscribers – the more subscribers you have the more chance your email will be opened. Now I’m not saying you should be on social media sites everyday asking people to subscribe but a few times a month should be adequate. Another good tip is one day prior to sending out your email, alert your followers that the email is due and point out where they can sign up.

Change your sending habits (time, day)
By using NewZapp LIVE! you can use our Graph feature to see exactly when the highest email open rate occurs by date and time. Using this information you can then change the time and day you send your emails out to try to increase the number of opens and clicks you receive. This will help answer the question on every marketers lips, “when is the best time for me to send?”

In a recent report by Adestra, it showed that campaigns with personalised subject lines had a 31.6% increase in open rates.

Subject line
Never keep your subject line the same. Change this for every campaign you send, if you don’t this could decrease your open and click through rates because how do your subscribers know what is in the email? Keep it short and straight to the point.

Split test
By creating two versions of the same campaign you can see which small changes make a big difference in your email. Segment your list into two parts and send the same campaign with a different subject line to each segment. This can then help you to know what works with your subscribers for future email campaigns.

From name
Who your email is from will have a big impact on your open rates. Be consistent, check what emails you send out from and keep this the same for all your campaigns. For example if you are using “Company Name” then stick to it, nothing would be more confusing than changing this to “Joe Bloggs”. Your subscribers won’t know who you are and may just delete the email straight away without opening it.

Adjust the volume
Consider changing how often you send out emails. It is best to sit down, grab a hot drink and review your reports. Review when your best open days and times are as well as the content you are sending out. It may be an idea to either increase or decrease the volume of your emails, you want to give your subscribers the information you promised when they signed up – without overfilling their inbox.

Segment your data into smaller groups and target subscribers by their latest actions. Send a follow up email campaign to anyone who clicked a specific link in the previous campaign. This way you can target the subscribers with relevant content that they have shown an interest in.

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